Anybody want black nuts for their Speedlines?

I’m trying to get some black Elise wheel nuts (not Exige, which is important for the Speedlines if you weren’t aware) to finish off the look properly. If the erstwhile parts manager at Bell & Colvill can’t find manufactuered ones, he’s going to look into getting some ‘stripped and dipped’ (or the automotive equivilent!). He tells me it’s likely to only be a few pence an item and has a fast turn around.

Anybody else interested in a set?

Please let me know quick, as I may order them tomorrow.

Cheers, Ian

Yes please - get me a set !!

I,ve painted the top of my wheelnuts with satin black touch-up paint.I knowit sounds crude but its very effective as none of the chrome is visible.The Speedlines themselves are superb-less unsprung weight improves the ability of the wheels to follow the road.

I’m told these ones shouldn’t suffer from being scratched much when they’re undone/done up.


I am also interested in a set. I have the standard chrome items, whilst they do the job and look OK the effect is lost.
Tx, Ken

Ken have you got an e-mail address you can post/send me so I can send you details when I get them.

Cheers, Ian

i’ve painted the wheels…

LOL! What colour? I’m guessing gold.

As an update on the black nuts, I’m still waiting for news. Hopefully not long, I’ve got some wheels I want to try!


yep gold…
as all my other wheels for the exige…

Hi all,

I’ve sent all that enquired a mail regarding the nuts, except kenh0 who I don’t have an e-mail address for. kenh0, can you please contact:

Chris Stewart
Parts Department Manager
Bell and Colvill
Epsom Road
West Horsley
Surrey. Great Britain
Tel 01483 286459 Fax 01483 281777



Tx for info. Apologies for not replying sooner working away on a site with no e-mail access. I will make direct contact as suggested.

Okay chaps,

A bit of a problem (and a solution).

The Elise nuts went to the specialist coating people and they could not do what they needed to as the nuts are essentially in two parts of two different materials. The coating is still being investigated by a couple of other companies but it’s not looking promising.

So, given that it’s a cosmetic exercise really, Bell & Colvill have come up with black covers to the nuts. Now, I quite like these, the only problem being will be getting them off to undo the nut.

Anyway, I’ve posted some pictures on BookaTrack - here - and if you want some contact Chris as per the details above.


ps. His e-mail is [email protected]

Covers are a [email protected]@r to get off at the best of times, and of course they represent unsprung weight

Solution? Let your nuts get covered in brake dust !!


Elise parts lists a replacement Elise wheel nut without the outer tin casing. I dropped them an email about having them plated but their plater charges a minimum of �20 per item! Do you think Chris would let us talk to his plater direct and we could trial it with one the EP nuts ?


Let’s see what he says, I’m sure it’s no big secret, just a local specialist he does business with.


Ian - any joy? Bryan

Not yet, I should be speaking to him later.


Couldn’t you just get the blackening liquid that is used in guns?

I mean, it’s some sort of very strong stuff that is rubbed on the surface of the guns and gets them black. I know because I used to use it many years ago.

Couldn’t this work on the nuts?

I think the problem is that the Elise nut is in two parts and the main part is chromed in some way (see my pic link above), making it difficult to colour.