Any S1’s up for sale?

Greetings all-

Long, long time reader and first time poster here. As my username suggests I’m on the hunt for an Exige, an S1 to be precise. After many years of dreaming, salivating, collecting magazines, watching wheel to wheel combat videos on YouTube, researching, reading manuals, bookmarking, planning, budgeting and saving, the time to act is now and I’ve made it my New Year’s resolution to snag one.

I have a very healthy budget for the right car but I understand I can’t be too demanding with requirements (Though I would absolutely love for one in Titanium or Laser Blue with sports exhaust & MS seats :grinning:).

I suspect more will be listed as we approach Spring and Summer, but I wanted to be proactive as this method seems to have worked well for other members in their past searches.

Please consider sending me a PM if you’re looking to sell, or know of someone who might be.

I can’t wait to join this community in earnest as an Exige owner.



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There is a silver one on PistonHeads, I’m sure you have seen that? I think quite a few people will be sitting tight for the USA export market to open in a few years.

Good luck with the search, you’ll know there’s never really been many for sale at any one time.
Hopefully Exiges will provide a source for you…

Best with the search. I brought my current S1 off market via a post here asking for a car so sound idea.

The silver car mentioned on PH has a few miles but is very well known, lots of detail about its history here.

People are definitely starting to sit on S1’s now to see what happens re US interest once 25 years old in near future.

Thanks all for the comments. Interesting that you mention the US market as I live in the States and would be buying to store and export after its 25th birthday.

I have seen the ad for Simon’s old car. The main sticking point for me is that it no longer has the original engine, and would face additional scrutineering upon arrival in the Colonies which I’d like to avoid if possible.

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So you are looking to buy a car and have somebody store it until 2025 and then import it to the States? You know if you import one now that it won’t be able to be certified for road use when it’s 25 years old. Ron.

If you are truly ready for an Exige S1, I do have the ultimate one - Lol, ok I’m biased! I would sell it so if you are interested let me know. If you’ve done all your research as you say, then you may know this car. Here are some links to get you familiar with it:

It has the VHPD original K series with only around 8,000 kms and it has around 235 hp (stock is 190 for these)
Car was originally BRG but the first owner wanted the car to match his company color so he had the car completely taken apart and repainted. Me being as fussy as I am just spent a few thousand dollars getting all the paint touched up and it has not been driven since - in storage for winter. Ron.

Ron, I’ve sent you a PM.

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Chris, good luck with your search. I finally found the right car for me, one that was as original as possible, after watching the market for ~ 4 years.

There is an offer for an orange S1 in the Netherlands.
As it looks, in very good condition. Original VHPD, right-left converted and even with OEHLINS suspension.

However, the asking price is, well “oho”.

Lotus Exige Coupé in Orange gebraucht in HOUTEN für € 78.995,-

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Got to be Jonnyfox car.

Is better than new

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Just jumping on the back of this thread in case anyone is tempted to sell their S1 Exige.

Black one went up this week for 50…

I’m being blind. Could you say where? Thanks.

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Mine will likely be up for sale later this year. Only 6194 original ks and fresh vhpd neil trama engine. #475


Think I am Now also on the lookout, having just about convinced myself I want to swap the s2 out for its older sister…

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Saw that, lovely build! I think however I’m leaning more towards a car retaining the grumpy K.