Any one had a resonance on the intake area?

ok so the n/a is hopefully becoming a s/c 280. One issue appears to be a resonance that has mysteriously started since the conversion,wasnt there before,has anyone had similar?
Bits swapped out to try and cure it are the s/c for another new one,the throttle/IACV for new,gaskets on the s/c and throttle.If my old TRD is fitted it sounds quieter ,but thats to be expected as there 's is a higher flow. Could the PCV or the Catalytic converter cause this issue? Inputs welcome

Is the noise like a metalic rattle, hard plastic rattle/rubbing or vibration? You know these cars, it could be anything.

they say its a resonance like blowing over a bottle top…?? and it must be quite loud/ noticeable and not normal for them to be concerned.I wondered if it was possibly from one of the 3 hoses that go to the throttle body ,is one cam cover breather/one servo vac and the other fuel canister i think?? could either one of those amplify in the air intake area? trying to get a video of it from them

Super hard to diagnose with out any audio as we alluded to Peter on WhatsApp.


"We’ve narrowed the sound down to a resonance being caused by the idle control valve which has been cleaned, new seal fitted and tested with the ECU.
It all points to a worn throttle body and/or idle control valve, but with the programmable ECU you can get around it – saving the cost of a throttle body!

Through fine-tuning the down-stop on mechanical throttle plate and the idle control (via the ECU) along with the idle fuelling (to reset idle) I have reached a point where the noise is gone, the car has a good stable idle and there is only the tiniest hint of the noise when the engine returns to idle speed.

Checking fuelling from resting idle to fast idle transition the fuelling is fine – with or without the noise, so I am confident there are no air leaks anywhere. Plus all surrounding pipework and seals, gaskets etc. have all been checked or replace. I think it’s a quirk of a worn throttle combined with an aftermarket airbox. There are probably lots of cars making the sound but the original plastic airbox hides it.”

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My car is so loud that it requires noise-cancelling headphones if you’re travelling any distance… I’d have no idea if there was a subtle noise anywhere, lol! :joy:

just hoping all is well and i have a car i can enjoy

Sounds positive, you must be excited about collecting it now :slight_smile:

I am hoping we have turned a corner with it and i can just remember what it looked like :slight_smile:
just hope the r/r goes without issues.If all is good, and the drive home trouble free, then yes i will be excited

273 bhp on the rollers, drive home great ,stopped 1 mile from home to fill up (38-40mpg at 70 ish) issue now is the thing revs to 3k on start up for a second and then settles,its annoying and embarrassing…ipswich is so bloody far ,anyone in yorkshire able to look at this ??
presume its in the emu software :frowning:

Yes sounds like something that can be mapped out.

Yorkshire options that I know have looked at Lotus/EMU maps recently are Daytuner in Harrogate (?) And Phil @ GG Motorsport in Hull.

Alternatively talk to H111 and explain the issue. If you know how to use a laptop they can talk you through obtaining a data log to send them and they may be able to tweak remotely.

In my experience, mapping for the Dyno/power run is the easy bit, but getting an OEM driving experience at low loads sometimes needs a bit of tweaking.

Unfortunately i am useless on laptops. H111 let it go like this after fitting the kit,so not sure if they are trying to wash their hands of it.Absolutely gutted

Although the idle control elements can be complex to get a car smoothly idling in all conditions, the startup “rev flare” is very easy to change and won’t take them long at all.

Speak to H111 before panicking, if you can just plug in a USB lead and install Teamviewer they may be able to do the rest remotely.

cheers, rev flare is a cock on description. have messaged Marianne and she has forwarded on to Greg,
Fonzey ,if all else fails ill have to drive to you and pay you to sort it mate

just checked ,my daughter has this on her laptop.mind you id still need talking through it

Greg logged on to my laptop and tried some stuff but still not right ,so took the data log to look at over the weekend.Says idle control valve not operating as it should ???

Is it new? Or a used unit?

Sounds like there’s an issue with your TB somewhere, since the very beginning H111 have sounded unsure about it.

The Cable throttle setup on your car is a bit different to the DBW setup on mine, so I don’t know much about it. Keep us posted with progress though, hopefully it’s easily solved.

Andy its my original unit which was ok when N/A ??
I may buy a new cheapy to see if it changes anything ,or have a go at taking off mine and give it good clean

I pray it gets solved, must admit s/c is the way to go , its made the car ! The sound is addictive, and you dont have to up be at the top end to get past stuff…fantastic
So what options have i got if its the idle/throttle body?
buy the idle control and see if that cures it ,clean mine
buy a used throttle body complete and try that (although H111 said they had done this?)
new is freaking expensive and out of my budget atm

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