Anglesey Today

What a cracking day Still buzzin - sitting here drinking beer & posting this.

Mixture of sunshine, rain, drizzle, then more sunshine - & that was just on a single lap today! Didn’t the rainbows towards Snowdonia look fabulous?

8 Exiges out of a total of 40 cars - all going well with lots of popping & banging, although a couple of exhausts (no names) were on the “loud” side

Hope Mike & Andy arrived home safely to Bristol & Brum respectively - thanks for making the effort to come along at such short notice.

Look forward to seeing loads of Exiges at Donington next Sunday (watching the racing) & of course at Oulton on 12th December


Back in Brum - only 3 and and a bit hours - the bit was filling the tractor with diesel …

Thanks for the nod, great day and yep the rainbow was but no gold

See you soon !

Left Anglesey at 5-09pm home at 9-31pm

254 miles including diesel stop…

Now tows at 70mph - amazing what a quiet motorway does for your confidence…

Much enjoyment and only two spins

Thanks to Andy D for lending his camera mount (left my new one at home - doh)


Yep, great day again, thanks to mike at LRV for organising & the Lotus boys for the very long journey over to entertain us.

A very enjoyable day althogh it now looks like I am getting head gasket problems
Great to see so many Exiges together on track again

Mr Pesky I didnt notice the niosy exhausts


Mr Pesky I didnt notice the niosy exhausts

That’s cos you were “up wind” of one of them - in fact the noisiest one

Who needs a radio
with music like that


sounds like an ideal time to get Helen to sanction a Honda conversion if you ask me :wink:


I might have known there would be a salesman lurking

Any Pics ??

Any Vids ??

I got a few minutes in the rain - not very impressive - but have not learnt how to convert it to mpeg yet - anyone care to tell me how??

AndyD took loads, and it was him and me together for about 8 laps, first with me leading, and then him with me nailed to his tail…


Can you post em anywhere to give us a look?

I just got a copy of one of the vids (by snailmail)

Thanks Andy

It has some great shots of him, following JohnC (orangeX) following me (and swapping around) and just blasting by the other cars

Did Gav turn up? Did he try Russ’ monster?


Gav did turn up, but he only drove cars…

(and didn’t touch Russ’s monster !! )

Cheeky! Stop playing with me!


Gav was privately “hired” for the day by an Exige owner (he doesn’t post here), so was not driving anyone else’s car. I understand that Gav did a few laps in the Exige, but I missed him cos I was in the paddock at the time I am reliably informed that he was indeed quick, particularly as it was his first time at the circuit & the surface was slippy. His oppo from the factory, Simon, was out all day enjoying himself (& entertaining his passengers) in the red MK2 111s - needless to say, mucho sideways action


I can get into an MPEG but its like 60mb … and as I’m connecting by GPRS at mo in Frankfurt it might take some time

I can burn a CD at the weekend or send you the video plus some other action at Donnington ( me getting blown away by Uldis ) and some footage of Prestwold with Steve and Martin E … - just mail me your address


The vid you sent me shows Simon in the red elise well sideways on the exit to the radar complex…

Worth posting separately perhaps??


I can get into an MPEG but its like 60mb … and as I’m connecting by GPRS at mo in Frankfurt it might take some time

  • just mail me your address

Flash Harry… I bet its fitted in that BLACK exige of yours as well…

I’ll mail you offline about copy of the MPEG, much appreciated.