Anglesey - cheers all

Just got home - a big thanks to Mark, Steve & Martin for the attempt to fix the car - much appreciated. The beers are on me next time.I’m off for a Ruby - better than that Chinky stuff [image][/image]

p.s. - A bloody great day, nevertheless. Always a pleasure, never a chore.

What happened to the car Russ ?

Braided hose from clutch master to slave fractured. Just been replaced as well…typical Lotus quality?

Glad you got home ok!I trust Lord Whitter finally got back too!Fantastic day though!!JOhnO

Glad I made it just a pity I couldn’t drive, hope you all got home OK.What a great circuit particularly in the sunshine.Great to meet some old faces and put faces to a number of names.Thanks to Martin and Steve for the diffuser, the cheque for the balance will be in the post - honest [image][/image]Took some good video particularly from the top bend one before the pit straight - if you’re interested I will try and work out how to out in on file and post it.Regards - David

Seconded - great day, only marred by the silly breakages to Russ’s clutch pipe & Lord Whitter’s alternator connector.I would be interested in the video, please.Big thumbs up to Rocksteady, Uldis & IDG for making the effort to get to Anglesey [image][/image]

ThirdedGreat Day - Great Company.Only thing not great was Lotus Reliability for some people. Hope you all got home OKSee you all soonGiles

Great company guys and a brilliant day.Next time I’ll get there earlier [image][/image] and witness Russ’s chinese chat up lines …Be interesting to see how many Exiges end up with the demon diffuser !!See you soon

Out of interest, did anyone notice any difference with the diffuser fitted ?

Dr Who, Muck Spreaders and Chinky Beer !!A cracking weekend [image][/image]

Top weekend chaps (Pippa included there following her comment in the Chinese)!I don’t know about giving you wings, but Red Bull really works! 4 hours straight home, I was never uncomfortable once.What a great circuit! A real enjoyable challenge all day. Sadly too much of a challenge for Lotus reliability. 4 out of 15 with siginificant problems is not great.An over riding memory was on Friday, snaking through Snowdonia at dusk on the A5. A line of 5 Exiges gracefully following the road contoured edge of a Welsh valley. Colin Chapman was definitely smiling down on us. (Unlike the group ahead of us, who got attacked by a muck spreader! No Really!)Miniman, one of Russ’ chat-up lines wiped out a waitress?! Out cold for 10 minutes! [image][/image]Phil, I’ll eat my hat if the diffuser makes any real difference. Looks great though, just about on the sensible side of OTT. I remain to be convinced on front splitter they’re working on!Ian [image][/image]

Good to see you guys again !I hadn’t planned on attending, but woke up early on Saturday morning, mulling over what to do for the day, and thought “Sod it, I’ll go to Wales !”. It’s a shame we couldn’t stick around for any longer, but Marcus had a hot date with a laydee so we had to get back for 6pm.I’m definitely bringing the Exige along to the next event !

Hi guys,just connecting for the first time since coming back.It was really good to see you all and finally put some faces to the names.We (Rox & I) still stayed over to sleep Saturday night at Anglesey and set off on Sunday morning (wanted to make it really early, but took off at 9:15) Rox arrived home by around 3:00 and I arrived home by 5:15. So it was 8 hrs back for me (going it was about 12, but stopping several times to meet with people at different stages), and we took the Snowdonia roads again!. Not bad, very enjoyable.And my tyres lasted!Low side was the big stone chip on my windscreen (last session) and the fact that I made the drive home with a very upset stomach. In fact, now it’s Monday and I just started eating some white rice!Cheers to all! [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]UldisNow, let’s see, I always fancied knowing Donington, Brands Hatch…

Excelent weekend, just a shame that the lotus reliability (or lack of it!!) Stopped the fun early for some.Will definatly make the effort to get to Anglesey again as the track is good fun although a little tight in places!Russ, I presume that your clutch hose is a lotus part(under waranty) But an aftermarket higher quality part might be available (checkout They show an uprated Elise Clutch hose, could be that they will do one for the Exige!keep us posted with how you get on with the repair.Monday morning at work is very dull after such an enjoyable weekend !!

RussSorry About my crap spelling Its Steve

Hi All,Again echo all the sentiments above.Drove from the circuit to Swansea, via Aberystwyth on Saturday night, which was a mighty test of endurance. Oh yes, there ‘are’ some great roads in Wales. For the benefit of the Edwards’ and Brannan the pics of my Elise with the diffuser ‘fitted’ and Brannan’s sooty rear end [image][/image] are here… There’s also a shot of some bare anglesey tarmac, if someone fancies photoshopping out the petrol can. A few other random pics too.Strangest moment of the day was when Mr Admin asked if he could borrow my shoes ! Still with all those cars, I guess you’ve got to make savings somewhere [image][/image]Look forward to the next one.NiallRuby S1 111S Elise.

Cheers Steve, have just sent them an email, as the price is not listed on their site. As this will be done under warranty, I may see how long it last, then upgrade if neccessary.p.s. - spoken to L.W. today - he got home at 10pm, I believe. [image][/image]Condolences to Keith (Maverick), who has a bigger problem than first thought (i.e. clutch buggered), and John O who is waiting for a verdict on his smoky engine.

mega mega mega - had a great weekend and enjoyed everyones company. And what about the weather ?? s u p e r b !!! [image][/image]Hope RussT, Lord W, Brennan & Pesky’s twin all get their hassles sorted soon and without much extra n Uldis had a great hack back along the A5 and A494 on Sunday morning. As Uldis says above we got back safe and in good time following a few beers in Bangor on Sat eve !!Brennan… I’ll try to get some MPEG’s sent to you (i’m not sure i have the technology but will look into it). My bleedin eyes are still bloodshot from all flames and wadding ejected from your car as I followed you up the A5 on Friday [image][/image] [image][/image]RussT… surprised you remember “that Chinky stuff” [image][/image]Pesky… rock on, BTW I forgot to ask you for a sticker… AFAIK they only do them in silver?Lord W… how the hairoil did you escape the dreaded muck-spreader?? or did you have something to do with its trajectory?? [image][/image]cheers everyone, when’s the next one then???[This message has been edited by RoxTeddy (edited 01 October 2002).]

Thanks to all of you for the great time and great company!Just need that footage from RoxTeddy to permanently seal the memoryCheersBran