Anglesey 2016

Be excited it’s time !!! :clap:

We’re keeping pretty much exactly the same formula that’s proven so successful in previous years. Bookatrack will run the day, it will be at Anglesey on Good Friday, full circuit in the morning and the fantastic Coastal in the afternoon. Once again we’ve even managed to hold the price.

As has been noticed, BAT will be at Spa over Easter weekend. I discussed it with Jonny and I felt it was more important to hold onto our traditional date/venue and thankfully he agreed to run the day as well as Spa. The one downside is that the R300s will be at Spa so there won’t be any taster sessions this year or R300s for hire :frowning: There may be some other Caterham options nearer the date,…drop me a pm if you were thinking you or your dad/mate/son were thinking they’d like to hire a Caterham.

Free Garages : There’s twenty free garages going begging - note that these were sold out within the first week or so last year. If you want a garage get busy…

Passengers Sign-On : Once again Jonny is generously going to donate 100% of the takings from Passenger Sign-On fees (£10) to a charity of our choosing.

Booking : On BaT’s website you won’t see the event unless your login ID is on the ‘exiges’ list. If you’ve attended the exiges day before, you’re on the list. If you’ve not then pm me, or post on this thread (including your BaT login ID) and I’ll get you added. There’s 60 places, let’s aim to fill them with all the regulars and some new faces too.

Be excited and get booking!!! The event sold out 6weeks prior last year so get in there to avoid disappointment.

This really is a THE trackday event of the year and many of us really look forward to it. New faces are always welcome and I guarantee you a great day. We always say it but if you only do one trackday next year; make it this one :sunglasses:

Well done Jonny & Ben. Ben I’ll share a garage with you and Dave if that’s ok, transport too…

:sunglasses: Paging Jonny - make that x5 cars needing transport from the BAT cave not the x4 I said :sunglasses:

I can’t believe I get so excited about an event thats still more than 4months away!

Top man :sunglasses:

Great new guys thanks for sorting Ben.

Booked and paid :smiley:

cool, will book this next week

Couldn’t resist this one Ben!

Great news Graham!! It will be great to see you and your new motor!!

Top marks for being #1 Steve!!

I’ve also booked good weather too,…I ordered mild with crystal blue skies…a bit greasy first thing so Dave can exercise his inner-hooligan :smiley:

Booked and paid, the event of the year :slight_smile:

Booked and paid
Garage 11 if anyone wants to share please speak up,
Usually Gav, come on Gav get booked early this year. which monster will it be???

I’m definitely up for this this time around :slight_smile: I know a few other NYLOC’ers are interested too. Please could you add my login ID to the ‘exiges’ list (I’m ‘deggles’ on BaT as well as on here)? Many thanks!

Woohoo… thanks for sorting Ben.

I might be silly and even take the Exige too…

Excellent! Good work Ben! I will see if I can plan another road trip over from Germany…

Deggles you’re on the list, let me know if you have trouble booking.

Dave, I’m planning on driving my (by then) super-blingy edition Exige there as well as having the R300 too,…rude not to eh!! I should point out that it’s BAT standard policy that single-drivers can have multiple cars no problem, bring as many as you like. Gav could bring the fleet :smiley:

Get it booked Tom, I’d imagine you won’t be alone in making a long trip to attend, hopefully AndyD, Wes, Pierre, Dris and the others guys will be making similar plans…

Booked :smiley:

Thanks Ben, booked and paid! I’ll share a garage with Paul (pmyhill) so there’s plenty left for others :slight_smile:


booked and paid :smiley:

Oh dear …that means I have to get a wiggle on with the resto .

S1 or S2. That is the question?

Bring both,…main and reserve, its all the rage :smiley:

Great response lads, keep 'em coming.