And there she goes again !!

Lifted the engine cover this morning to check things and whoops no coolant in the tank, check the dipstick ahhhh there is all the coolant, nicely mixed with the oil

Looks like the liner seal has gone again oh well another engine rebuild but this time with the Scholar evo 2 block and no more liner problems

Will just have to use Trudy’s or the Micra


You could go for the 1.9 conversion now…

And if you want to DIY, call Simon (Erland), he’s commissioning a few of those conversions from somebody.

de ja vue…im sure he just dreams up these problems so he can hammer my car!got a few squeaks and moans already from his mad driveing!!!

got a few squeaks and moans already from his mad driveing!!!

That’s enough about you, how’s the car???

Only kidding

now now you know he has high blood pressure we have to keep the old boy calm no honest my new car now has a grateing sound {if that was comming from phil i would worry} but sadly no yips!

Sorry to hear that Phil.

you don’t fancy another coupe then ? what with all those skweeks and rattles…


your new avatar makes me nervous…

Pesky makes me nervous

I expect the girls will love it !!

wot the sqweeks or the mad drivin’ …

Ah, Phil, I spoke with Simon today.

Call him, he’s got some interesting things to tell you. He will try to log in and type something anyhow.

wot the sqweeks or the mad drivin’ …

I & I wuz taaaallkin bout dee tonngggg !!!


good to hear from you

Phil will be along in a moment… but you could go to his web site and see some detail of his previous encounters… if you click on the following : Phils Web Site

Hi Simon,

Second time this has happened, to give you a bit of background the engine was built by myself and LOTS of care was taken, my Rover dealer let me have lots of liners so I could match the liner height perfectly, in the end I ended up with 5 thou on every one.
The head gasket was the Satur one and I turned my own steel dowels because as you are probably aware none of the dowels supplied fit the block or heads snuggly, because the block or the head have different size holes

Last time it WAS definitely the hylomar liner sealant that had given way, no sign of any breach on the head gasket, head or block but coolant had dribbled down between the liner and block and knackered the big end bearings, probably got into the crank bearings too but I never looked last time, just resealed the liner and put it back together

Before you ask… yes the crank etc had been balanced, this was done by a local company but I have no idea to what sort of level, so VF will be getting my business next time.

I think what has happened and I wont find out until I strip it, is that the bore the liner sits in is either too big or gone oval to allow liner movement at high revs, and before you say it, probably caused by poor balancing

Remote stat has been fitted for the past 2 years

I have sent you a copy of this via e-mail so if it easier to answer via that please do so and I’ll post your replies here unless you say otherwise.

What’s the cure if the bore is too big/oval Phil? A 1.9 litre conversion?

Ian &

If it is too big/oval, there aren’t many options, i could get a new block and rebuild with standard liners, i could get Scholar to do the Evo 2 conversion on mine as this involves putting in interference fit thicker liners.

I’am going to need new pistons anyway, so a new set of 82mm pistons for the 1.9 conversion shouldn’t cost anymore than new Omega’s, only thing i’m worried about is that the 1.9 liners are thinner and the block can still twist.

Hmmmmm tough choice’s ahead !

But they’re supposed to be a tougher material: Chromaduro (or something similar).
Aren’t they also siamesed?

oh bugger Phil, just saw it now…you are not really lucky, are ya? mine’s still running…
mind you just had a HGF job on me old Opel…

Call me old fashioned but this thread is far more like … helpful. I really hope that Uldis and Phil and Simon can get some stonking K series power and reliabilty