An old question?

This is my first post so hello to you all, this may be a repetitive question so apologies in advance but your genuine opinion would be appreciated.

I m looking at picking up an Exige, no problem there great car, been on a couple of exige trcak days so happy with that aspect of the ownership, but inexperienced to the other. Is the car daily drivable?

I m not in a position to have �22k sitting in a garage 11 months of the year, I d need to use the car daily to commute to work, about 35 miles each way daily, a choice of b roads or motorway. Is the Exige up for that? Will I end up broken of back and deaf? Anyone done similar?

Thank you James

Greetings fellow Oxonite

When i was working in London i was using my Exige as every day transport and found it fine, the only thing that did miff me sometimes was the noise, but plugging in the radio via ear pieces soon cured that
I find the driving position to be one of the most comfortable drives i have ever know and after a few hours of solid driving you can get out without any aches or pains.

You have to take the B roads to work although it is quite happy on the motorway.


I’ve had my exige since the end of november last year and driven it through all conditions including snow and it’s disturbing how quickly you get used to all the noise and bumping about. But other than big bumps and evil pot holes it rides really really well over everything, the suspoension is so good at sticking to the ground that even on lumpy roads it really does sail over them.

35 miles would be fine I’d imagine and you’d be wanting to take the b roads

Thanks for the feedback, I did commute for a year in an Evo 6 with straight through pipe so that was load, but think the creature comforts made up for it. I m using the 147 GTA I m advertising on the site now, so concerned the culture shock from one of the best interiors on 4 wheels to an Exige maybe a step too far, but sure I ll adjust before I know it, I ve been on the track days as I mentioned earlier but clearly raging the car at all times so no idea how noisey an Exige is when driven in a more civilised manner. Really think I need to take the plunge though been dreaming of owning one for 4 years now…possible now or never

I have never used my Exige for anything other than dry weekend and summer evening driving, which does limit the usage rather.

It is just wonderful as a hobby but frankly hopeless as a practical proposition.

Going to work in it pales into insignificance compared to the problems you’ll have going to and from the supermarket etc.

Also remember that the cockpit turns into a sauna as soon as
any decent sunshine appears. This isn’t a problem on the weekend blat, but possibly a major issue for your colleagues when you arrive soaking wet with your own sweat at the office…

And don’t think the aircon will save you - it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Buy a real banger, if you can’t afford anything better as a back up car - it’ll make your Exige experience a much longer term one

I did switch to a Puma for my 7 mile station run. I think it’d have been easier to live with over 35 miles though. Agree it does get hot in there so if you work in a suit it may up your dry-cleaning!

The S2 Exige seems much more suited to daily commuting - a/c that’ll work, easier to get in/out. etc! Probably even has sound proofing!


For the price of a new S2 you could have an S1 and a decent second car.

And a weight advantage in the region of 100kg+ compared to the S2 and no ABS either!

I wasn’t really suggesting it. More making the point that Lotus’ rawest car is now perhaps aimed more at somebody that wants a special car to use everyday, rather than a special car for the track.


As the guys have said, it is do-able, but you have to be dedicated. Although I had my Exige as my only car I was in the fortunate position of looking after my housemates Accord as he was working overseas for a year, and I had pretty much free use of it. So every time I needed a big barge, I had access to one. Saying that, most of the time I went shopping etc, I would use the Exige… perfect size for one person and their bits

One thing I would say and you need to be aware of is that services will come thick and fast at that rate, as the Exige has 6k service intervals. Other guys will be able to tell you how much an A service costs (minor), I had a B service done (medium) and that was �300 at a Lotus specialist. You will probably be surprised at the mpg you can get out of it though!

Hope this helps


No problem using it as a daily driiver.

Rox should be coming here soon, I think he’s the perfect example.
I tend to rack up the miles in long journeys.

By the way, when I bought my Exige I was passing through a bad back crisis, disk hernia very very close to surgery, and the worst car for that (made me feel really sore) was my wife’s BMW.
The Exige in comparison was bliss, the most comfortable car I’ve had.
And I also did a 3700 mile round trip to Italy, 2.5 days to go, 2.5 days to come and drive often (sometimes far) to trackdays.
My back is almost as good as new now.
And the noise is not that bad while cruising at motorway speeds.

Don’t worry, it’s a good one.

“Lotus’ rawest car is now perhaps aimed more at somebody that wants a special car to use everyday, rather than a special car for the track.”

  • Agreed, the raw Lotus experience is being diluted for more general consumption.

All thanks for the comments, sorry to raise a S2 debate, not really interested in one, just curious to opinion. Going to keep looking for an Exige subject to selling the GTA. Think I ll start with just an Exige and see how I go, could afford a second car if need be, just prefer to use and enjoy it, rather than leaving it standing in a garage for long periods…but time will tell


If you have petrol in your veins and know you want an exige (as you do - well if you’ve been waiting 4years anyway !!) it will be a dream come true to commute 35miles over b-roads in !!

I have been commuting 22miles (return trip) for 2-years now and that’s after thinking i’d keep the exige for ONE season of track-days when i bought it before moving to top-off motoring for a while… IT IS NO PROBLEM

noize… - wear earplugs

heat… - its not so bad and you can open a window… v.v.v small price to pay.

shopping… - not realy its forte’ but you can do this pretty okay if you don’t have a passenger (your frozen veggies would cook pretty fast in the ‘boot’ )

comfort… - once you are in you are in and there is little on the road that is more comfortable, if you have sports seats and harnesses, they can be a bit of a PITA whilst trying to get/see out of busy junctions, but you learn a few trix BTW i’m 6’4’’ so is Uldis

servicing… - if you love this car it won’t be a problem (you will enjoy keeping an eye on consumables… oil, brakes, tyres, 6000mile services, loosening bolts etc… mre of a lifestyle than a motor…

don’t expect teutonic quality but expect lots of british supercar soul… you have to roll with it…

I can pretty much guarantee the famous exige grin everytime you drive it or look at it…

Also I recommend you search this BBS as your question has been posted a few times before… happy landings…

One other thing I found is that it’s very comfortable and even long journeys aren’t too bad but as you get into the 3 - 4 hours stint I needed some lumbar support, so a rolled up t-shirt just straightened my back to make it that bit more comfey! That’s the nice thing about the S2, proper lumbar support

What do you mean the S2?

My S1 has an inflatable lumbar support…

What do you mean the S2?

My S1 has an inflatable lumbar support…

So did mine

The Sports Seats don’t have the lumbar support thingy. However, I have found them to be the most comfortable car seats I’ve experienced (even better than the Recaros in my EVO V1), & have covered 400-500 miles in a day with no problems.

What lumbar support?? - I thought it was a built in enema, that did’nt work!!
Been driving my Exige everyday for past two years, best car ever!! Hot weather not such a problem a/c just about copes with the windows closed, then open windows when you stop in traffic. Noise most of the time is not a problem - some times it gets a bit wearing having to yell at the passenger - like Pesky once said the best in car entertainment system, in an Exige, is just behind your head. You have to drive an Exige to understand what an Exige smile is all about!!

yES, YES , yes - like all things in life the original is always the beast…

What do you mean the S2?

My S1 has an inflatable lumbar support…

So you’re telling me you have dynamat everywhere AND lumbar support in the standard chairs…? Next you’ll have a tartan blanket on the airbox