An old question?

Erm… not quite but, how did you know?

My Pipercross air filter is the tartan edition!

mmmm… tartan airbox…

mmmm… tartan airbox…

I’ve got some tartan slippers

Do they do PIPES in tartan ??

Only kidding dad !!!

Do they do pipes in anything other than tartan ??

Well, how about central heating systems?


Noise - what noise! Quiet as a puppy dog.
I use my Exige most days (2-3 out of 5). Travel 180 mile round trip twice a week to work. Some motorways, but the fun is getting off onto the B roads on the way home.

You soon get used to the noise, and select music for your car which is suitable loud - like Ministry of Sound collections.

Summer is not a problem, as driving with windows open is great. Slightly more noise, but not much.

Problems start when stuck in traffic, that’s when you sit on the sill to drive, and hang out of the car!