All season tyres

Guys, looking for some advice on tyres. After buying our new BMW death trap as Steph like’s to call it we have quickly found how utter shite it is in the snow.
Getting winter or all weather tyres now is mission imposible so I think I’ll have to live with it for this year sadly.
Anyway I really cba going through the hastle and cost of having two sets of wheels and I am not really happy to swap tyres on and off wheels as I am not totally convinced its good for them.
So are all season tyres a better option? Steph and I dont really drive it quickly so a performance tyre in the summer is not required.
I have seen the vredestein quatrac run flats which are an all season tyre so I am wondering will something like this give near snow tyre performance in winter whilst still being ok in the summer? Or am I better swapping tyres over?


Does it have “run flat” wheels/tyres? if so, you’re in for an unpleasant shock - sorry.

It does sadly, whats the shock? the near �200 a corner they want for them? I am quite tempted to ditch the run flats and have tyre weld in the boot. Shite ride on run flats anyhow.

Arghhh BMW run flats …

I got through 5 tyres in 20,000 miles as even a small nail means you have a dead tyre, cant/wont/not prepared to repair and as you dont find its flat on your drive then you have to run on it so its dead anyhow …

Then the fiasco of actually finding them in stock somehwere other than a BMW stealer …

And converstaions with BMW assist like :-

Me: - I have a front puncture and have to drive 150 miles back home, that seems like too far how can you help

BMW:- Oh that should be fine sir

Me:- I’m towing a car trailer with a car on it …

BMW :- Er … still should be ok sir … well take it gentle at least

Me:- So exactly when could you get me a tyre …

BMW :- Day after tomorrow sir

Absolute shite …

So find a set of SH rims/std tyres and put runflats in the loft until you sell it …

John ordered some winter / all weather tyres for his car today from Adams and Page and they will be delivered tomorrow, so they are about. Give the guys a call on 01494 525971 or 01494 445389

I have a BMW that came with runflats and I recently changed them to regular tyres and it improved the car soooooo much. The ride is much improved, the traction is much improved, the ABS doesn’t cut in as much its better in every way and I didnt buy expensive tyres, just some AVON ZZ3’s or something.

Cheers Sean, will look into that. Anyone know much about the all season tyre’s rather than full blown winter ones? Just been looking and the quatrac’s get good reviews. They come in non run flat’s too.



I thought you couldn’t fit “normal” tyres to run flat rims? That’s what my bro in law was told when he was looking to fit winter tyres to his 330D, & my sister’s Z4. He was well pi$$ed off, as they have a place in the Alps, & it seems it’s only BMW UK that supply cars with run flats as standard.

You can fit normal tyres to BMW wheels, plenty of people do it :slight_smile:


I’m running normal Falken 482 or something, the ride is much better but it still complete balls in the snow, it just has no traction :angry:

That’s interesting, Neil, thanks. So, it’s just dealer bullshit then, or do the tyre manufacturers also “play along”?

Bear in mind there are two different types of run flats. Early ones did have specific rims for them. Luck of the draw I guess.

I’ll hopefully be getting a Diesel BMW to haul the Lotus around the country with next year. I think I’ll invest in some snow chains! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of changing the BMW for something with quattro in the name :slight_smile:

Buy a Subaru Diesel Legacy instead. Much better all round and good in the snow. I’ve done about 400 miles in the snow this last weekend with no problems at all.

All season tyres are comparatively cheap and a set of spare second hand rims to put them on would be an ideal solution…

I am loving my Defender…El smuggo bar stewart :smiley:

Bloody Chelsea tractor owner that you are :wink:

Buy a Subaru Diesel Legacy instead. Much better all round and good in the snow. I’ve done about 400 miles in the snow this last weekend with no problems at all.


…Or a Subaru Forester STI :smiley:

Tried to get some Winter Tyres for my X3 (Not run flats) but completly unavailable until sometime in the new year.
You could use “Snow Socks” in emergency but then your feet will get frozen.

You could always try some autosocks .

An alternative to snow chains, but cheaper and less clunky. ABout �60 a pair, but you’re probably better having 2 pairs if your driven wheels don’t do the steering too.

2 bad winters on the bounce so I’m thinking of getting some for next year. One size will fit both our cars too.

As Sean said, got some winter tyres, as 235/40/18, and lots of torque, isn’t a good mix with snow and the car kept trying to kill me!

Got to say they are amazing. More like driving in the rain than on snow/slush. Expensive, but highly recomended, and much cheaper than your excess.