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After a couple of weeks of ownership, and descending back into some semblance of reality, a couple of areas of concern you more expereienced owners may be able to advise on:In heavy traffic strong petrol smell (when window open mainly) - is this normal?When cross over white lines at high speed (particularly on motorway) get an immediate noise (similar to running over neighbours cat?) - suspension?Also where in the log book is the build number?Ownership just gets better and better tho’ - just love this car to bits - strangely my wife does too!

SimonPetrol smell - Exiges do run rich & I presume you run it on Optimax or SUL. Particularly when de-catted, the fumes from the exhaust are very strong - & can make your eyes water & make you cough if you’re sat behind one in traffic. However, if you’re getting a petrol smell (rather than pungent fumes), it would be wise to have it checked out.Noise - ah, the infamous “yip”. They all do that sir [image][/image] Do search on this site for “yip” [image][/image]Build Number - last 4 digits in the chassis number. Should be a sticker in the front compartment with the chassis number on it. Will also appear on the DVLA Registration Document.Have a good weekend - hope you get the sunstrip on okay.

SimonYou shouldn’t get a smell of petrol - needs to be investigated asap. Some Elises (not sure about Exiges) were recalled due to a faulty vent pipe which cracked. Unless it is an actual leak the most likely problem will be venting. I think Miniman (Andrew) had the same problem recently - have a look back.The neighbours cat noise sounds like the famous “yip”, loads written on the board about this (TADTS). Nothing you can do, just get used to itWithout looking, I recall the build number is the last four digits of the VIN number, I think mine is 0514 which means it was number 514, it seems about 600 were built.Glad the wife likes the car, after 18 months mine still won’t go near it!Hope the above helps and enjoy the carRegards - David

Pesky beat me to it [image][/image]At least we gave the same answer!

SimonMate had the petrol smell problem with his Elise, dealer checked it out and found it was something to do with the valve in the petrol filler cap, not sure what this does but the dealer said it was either a case of fitting a new cap which was quite expensive or just live with it. Dave

Many thanks for advice guys - now I know technical term I will search for ‘yip’.Pesky havn’t had time to fix visor yet - too much driving to do - reckon by year end I’ll have doubled Clive’s total mileage at current rate! Visor on tomorrow’s job list - unless?Cheers Simon

SimonDavids right - I had the exact same problem with the petrol smell.It was the vent pipe on the filer neck that had split ( was supposed to changed after a recall … )You need to take of the panel on that side and grope around with a torch and feel for pipe about 8mm diamter that connects to the fuel filler neck - mine had split where it joins the neck. I cut a small section off and re-fittd it ( guess it will happen agian though !!)To be absolute honest its not an easy job to get back on unless your left handed becuase the pipe is so much smaller than the boss it fits too - I heated the pipe in boiling water first to get it flexible.HTHAndrew

Thanks Andrew Had a good rummage round fuel intake/return system today - no leaks found - sounds like split vent pipe well worth investigating.Will have a grope next weekend!!Cheers Simon

PeskyJust re-read your post - do you have to run SUL not just 95 Unleaded - as handbook?Simon

SimonHandbook is for 177bhp cars, but they too also run better on SUL or Optimax. Before Optimax was widely available, my car had a tendency to pink (ping?)when hot, even on 97 octane SUL. I was so concerned about it (fear of melting pistons!) that I had a Lotus engineer check it out. Surprise, surprise, “it was normal”. Personally, I feel my car runs best on Optimax (98 octane), & I’m sure that most other owners would agree about theirs. I definately would not use 95 octane, unless in an emergency.Prepare to try & memorise all of the Shell stations in the UK [image][/image]

Trudys car used to pink quite badly using 95 or 97 RON fuel (not Optimax), however since the ECU upgrade it now runs fine on 95!! only pinking occured was at 3000 rpm in 5th going up a steep hill and flooring the throttle but that was for only 2 secs then it was clear.

Just a thought about the ‘yip’. I used to have it, but then the rear clam was hacked about a bit to get it to come off easier (took 5 mins at the first attempt :slight_smile: ) and when the clam was put back on the yip has disappeared.Make of that what you will!Cheers

MarkEasy - you broke it [image][/image]

Damn - and I am out of warranty as well. Does anybody have a spare one laying around - i am buggered if i am going to pay Lotus prices [image][/image]

I do have a spare YIP, i could sell it to you but i think i will keep it [image][/image] [image][/image]

I’ve lost my YIP lately but I’m sure it’s still in there somewhere. It’s not for sale anyway…Mike

Whilst on the subject of ‘yips’, what is max coolant temp car should run in traffic. What temp do rad fans cut in at? No problem but for info.

SimonI know that I start to feel uncomfortable (in more ways than one!) if the temp goes above 94degrees, when in stationary/slow moving traffic!I think the fan kicks in at 98, but I’m not sure. On the ocaasions when this happened in my car (mainly in Le Mans June 2002), the temp quickly drops to the low 90s. However, the cabin remains at the same temp due to heat soak - that is unless you have the wonderful aircon, which does make it more comfortable [image][/image]

Many thanks RobAnd I was getting worried at 90 degrees!!The more I drive the Exige the more questions I seem to need answers for - must meet up some time for a Q/A session!! - one question being how do you get those icons (above and otherwise)in the reply box???

The coolant temp will vary from car to car, particularly as some have the 190 upgrade with 82 deg thermostat while standard is 87. On the Elise the fan cuts in at 100 and switches itself off when it comes back down to 94. The temp gauge sender unit is well known to be crap anyway!Cheers