I am going to add one in my upgrades for this season, anyone fitted one?

Yep, me :slight_smile:

Was it an easy job? Did you use the Lotus one?

I used the Lotus one & had it factory fitted while I had the 260 upgrade done. A fair bit of labour was involved so i guess it’s not an easy job.

Do you want some pics of the install? I could sort something at the weekend if you like.

That would be good, I’m interested in the pipe routing more than anything else and an approx length of the oil pipe, also where it joins the loop for the oil coolers, but I suspect this is not visible from above…

I’ll have a look at the weekend & see what I can do (I’m away from home at the mo).

Cool thanks. :smiley:

Ade, were you the lucky one to get the one off ebay last week that Plans were selling?

I would be very wary about buying a 2nd hand Accusump!!!

Who knows what state the engine that it came off was in. Remember any bits of crap in your oil, will go straight into the accusump and wait there paitently until the next time it unleashes itself on your big end bearings!!!

Surely there are filters ? … I don’t know much about the way accusump works tbh …
I still wonder what option I should consider… if any …?

Can a std aero S2 generate enough “g” to make starvation an issue ?

Assuming i go “flat” of course ! ( 260 Boothy) lol…

As you know Sean I fitted a Moroso and eventually removed it …

If Evo Ufo aint fitted any oil gadgets yet , I doubt I’ll need one soon ?? … animal … lol

The potential is there to starve a transverse installed engine of oil, it can depend on the track you are driving on. I was devastated when my brand new 1600 CVH race engine went bang on the very first event in a Fiesta rally car. That was at new Brighton Promenade with some long fast flowing curves. Oil starvation to the end journal wrecked the bearing, crank and rod.

It never happened again in 7 years of competition after installing sump baffles and a windage plate.

I agree with Seans point on 2nd hand stuff. My extra twin oil cooler was 2nd hand, we gave it a complete system flush on the bench and changed the hoses as a precaution.

Missed the ones for sale on ebay, but they were getting a bit pricey, I am buying new from a US ebay seller way cheaper than they are available for over here. I have decided to add some “insurance” as much as anything else, money is now tighter than it has been and my slush fund for the car is just about gone so insurance it is :wink:


Have you factored in the cost of the UK taxes due on importation?

Yes, still way cheaper than over here and its new :wink:

Have got or considered the Moroso sump?


Good lad :slight_smile:

Just got the new gPan from Sector 111

will be fitting when outside temps get above 10 deg :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Keep us informed on that one John please…next after my LSD.

[quote=Balboa]Just got the new gPan from Sector 111

will be fitting when outside temps get above 10 deg :sunglasses: :sunglasses: [/quote]

I’ve also ordered the gPAN. It’s going to be shipped to me this Friday :slight_smile: Can you already tell, what sealant should be used, and if there are new bolts included in the package, or do you need to buy new ones (or can the old ones be re-used)?

Also, what’s the torque value for the 16 bolts?


I’ve got the Moroso and an Accusump on mine. Have had for a couple of years.

Car make about 1.3 sustained lateral G though most corners on track, peaking at up to 1.5.

Re the second hand comments from above. The accusump is fitted with an inline filter in the cup cars, so there shouldn’t be an crud in it. Just need to ensure that it is round and retains it’s pressure. Mine was off a cup car that was being dry sumped.