2ZZ Throttle Body - Upgrade Options?

So, hypothetically… If a guy with a cable throttle wanted to pop a larger bore throttle body onto his 2ZZ NA, what options are there that share the same electronics/IACV as the standard one - or what can be made to fit? Is it just easier to look at converting to DBW and sticking on the V6 throttle body?

I’ve got my r9ktuned plenum with a larger bore inlet, so can definitely get more air into there with a larger bore throttle body, but don’t know what to go for because of the electrical side of things - I don’t know how common the 2ZZ’s electrical components are and how often they’re shared?

Any clues?

What size is your current cable TB? There are a multitude of options from 70mm upwards on the DBW TBs

I have started to look at this myself for the cable TB.

Hold the line caller …

I thought that by default they were 68mm? Something around 72mm upwards would be a useful extra blob of air, I reckon?

Edit: Apparently they’re somewhere around 64/65mm standard, people get them bored out to 68mm exit diameter as a mod (often in the States by the look of it).

I guess I just want to know, of the aftermarket choices, which ones could retain the same electrical connections - if any?

Most that are cable throttle will retain the same 3 pin connector. The other issue is of course the fitment.

Example : 92mm

92mm Throttle body & TPS IAC Throttle Position Sensor For LSX LS LS1 LS3 SX | eBay


Would have to measure the offsets though

After several hours of googling the easiest solution is to bore out the current TB and have a plate made up to equal that of the bore.

I thoroughly agree! But…. Where’s the fun in ‘easy’? :joy:

I too am firmly agreeing with you here.

If you look for a 4.7l tundra ( also a Lexus TB ) they are 75mm. I think the bolt pattern is different though so will need an adapter.

Looking into other factory fit alternatives

FWIW, I’ve fired a mail to r9ktuned as they seem very knowledgeable on the subject - will let you know if I get a response…

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Following this! This is something I also want to do :slightly_smiling_face:

As I recall, the Toyota Celica community members do frequently refer to the TB used on Infinity , model reference Q45.

Quite curious to get rk9 feedback as well, as they must have tried and tested different options, including an in-house solution !


Something like 1991-93 INFINITI Q45 Throttle Body w/ Traction control Factory Original OEM | eBay?

Definitely aware of the Q45, but I thought it had a different bolt pattern and was really quite large at about 80mm? If I could get mine bored out I’d be happy, but the ideal, for me, would be to fit something around 72-75mm I think?

I’m even considering aftermarket Honda K throttle bodies, possibly even looking at getting an adapter plate made?

The OE DBW TB isn’t enormous tbh. It’s larger than our cable operated one but not huge

I think we are going to struggle to get a straight fit.

Don’t you just need to get ITBs and be done with it?

I’ve tried! You can get generic bike throttle bodies attached to silicone hose onto a flange to meet the inlet, or basically nothing else - I’d love to know where an actual, nicely manufactured set is sold that I could just buy :sob:

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To add to that, I do mean it… if somebody could tell me of an actual set I could buy, I’m very interested! :+1:t2:

Hoooo my god, YES !!

I also dream about a properly designed ITB solution !!

Had done some research, but it seems difficult to find tried and tested and effective packages. Plus, would need a package that fits into the Lotus engine bay.

In the UK, the following team seems to have a fair amount of experience of the 2zz with ITBs : Home (se7enmotorsports.co.uk)

RCZ Crew also have a set available : (5) Facebook

I think I would start by giving Se7en a call and see if such a project would be of interest to them :wink:

SOrry, forgot to add one more option in the UK that I had noted as well - DanstEngineering. They seem to have good reputation in the Porsche world for making ITBs on 911, and they also have a kit for the 2ZZ. Problem is that this kit seem to be designed to fit under the Celica engine bay, but perhaps they can advice more specifically for the Lotus as well …

Toyota 2ZZ KMS throttle body kit DCOE style (danstengineering.co.uk)

BWR do a larger bore throttle body for cable throttle Lotus 2ZZ. Direct swap.

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