240R vs TVR T350/Sagaris

Hi, would be interested in your thoughts between the two choices. Done a search but cannot find anything. Anyone driven then both? It would be a 2nd car but still about 8-10k a year. Cheers.

Now how do I answer this without sounding pained and bitter…

Bought a T350 for fun in February last year… loads of problems and the handling was nasty… so in the end the dealer did me a very good deal to swop me into a new Sagaris… out of the 90 days I owned it the dealer had it for 43… everything failed, dropped off or blew up… this includes engines… bonnets flying off… paint blistering… and too many times waiting for the RAC to come get me… in the end with some interesting discussion with the dealer and the factory they agreed to refund the money and take the car back… they put it down to just a ‘bad’ car…

I notice it’s still for sale at the dealer after a foctory rebuild… good luck whoever buys it…

Now I have a 240R, it had balance, poise and build quality that makes TVR look like a college project car built in spare time… I love TVR’s have owned 5 over the last 10 years… but the speed six cars and the still cronic build quality left a very bitter taste…

Hope that was not too much of a rant…

Thanks. Suspect I will need to drive the 240R, had a test drive in an original S1 (2yrs ago) - do you know how they compare? Would not really be a track day car a couple of times a year. How do you find the power delivery vs the S6? Obviously you had a really bad experience - was there anything positive over 240R? Do you think it was a ‘bad’ car or generic? thanks again.

I know peeps that have been lucky with TVRs but the majority unfortunately eco South240Rs experiences. I love the sound, looks, noise and idea of the TVR but always been put off by the stories of TVR owners requiring a engine rebuild slush funds.

IF the TVR worked properly it is a much more comfy GT than the Lotus which always does it best impression of being a track refugee. But the stereo recieves radio stations in the Lotus and doesn’t leak and the aircon actually works well enough to stop you passing out in a traffic jam in France… the TVR system sadly doesn’t (see Pistonheads treads about just how crap it is).

The power delivery in the TVR is very lazy comparied to the Lotus, even the 240R. But the 240R is a faster car, (I was lent a press car by TVR during the saga and that was quicker all the customer cars are slower… just look at the magazine reviews of non press fleet cars…).

If the car is a pub poser… then the TVR would be the more fun road machine (if it keeps working), if you are going to use it hard, drive in the rain (yes the wipers are still crap on a TVR) and track it, go for the Lotus.

Oh and one other thing that was made VERY clear for to me by the TVR factory, if you track the car, wave bye bye to your warranty, no exceptions… and yes they can read what you’ve done with the car from the ECU…

Sorry to sound so down on the 350/Sag, if they really did what they said, handled without the shocked overheating quickly (oh and had a toe eye on the front can you beleive there is just a loop by the wishbone mount…on a car with 2" ground clearance… RAC hated it…) and the bonnet stayed put… it would be a true bargin… oh yeah… and had an engine good for more than 15-20K miles…

Will, I had (and please forgive me all) considered the Saragris could be an upgrade from the Exige, so spoke to the dealer. The ex-racing driver salesman took one look at the Lotus and said “That’ll be quicker on track, no question.”

I want a focused track car, just sensible enough for Sundays and actually driving to the track, so perhaps the TVR is more your cup of tea.

They could certainly put it on a bit of a diet, that’d help it.


Thanks again… so I suspect the next question is 220S or 240R. Need to go on an extended test drive very soon . Must admit when I test drove the S1 at B&C (2 yrs ago) - really did not get on with it. It does seem that the new S2 based cars are more (dare I say it) practical have a longer shelf life and easier to live with on a day to day basis. I agree that I’m not going to be on the track too much. But as South240R put it I do intend to use it hard, drive in the rain and hot summer days - so need something in my garage not the manufacturers. Would be interested on the views on those that have upgraded over the years… thanks …

Ignoring the slight power difference with the 220 and 240, the difference is the 240 comes ready for hard track use, accusump for oil surge protection, two way adjustable Olins, adjust anti roll bar, t45 roll hoop, harnesses and slightly uprated brakes.

If its mainly a road car, then you don’t need all the stuff if it’s going to be a track car it’s cheaper to buy the car with all the bits already fitted than upgrading later.

One the road I can’t imagine you’d notice the power difference between the two, on the track my guess is you might pull two car lengths somewhere like hanger at silverstone, but it will not be a huge difference.

I agree that I’m not going to be on the track too much. But as South240R put it I do intend to use it hard,

can’t see you getting into the zone with either the 220 or 240 without being on the track.

So does (how many) anyone use their 240 (or will use 220) for general road use (odd track) or are these really just track cars. I assuming that this is not the case from what I have read on PH. Really need it to be both.

i use my s2 exige only for road use, including some pretty hardcore drives from london to wales. And i love it…

Having driven the car very hard on track and found out the real limits of the car, using anything more than about 40% of the capabilities on the road would be very foolish and ultimately would end up very badly for someone out there.

You can have a lot of fun on road and the car will bring a broad smile to your face on a decent road, but don’t think you could use anything like the true capabilites. To be fair, I don’t think I ever really used all the performance of the standard S2 I had on the road…

Some people seem to be happy to push things on the road, but get out on track and you’ll forget about even bothering to really try on the road. That way there is also less chance I’ll ever have to meet you coming the other way…

Some people seem to be happy to push things on the road, but get out on track and you’ll forget about even bothering to really try on the road. That way there is also less chance I’ll ever have to meet you coming the other way…

Very well put … could not agree more - only did a couple of track days last year… intend to do more this year. Started talking to a couple of dealers about a potential deal on a 240 Cup and 220 S - not 100% made up my mind on what my next car should be (not sure I really need a change ). Perhaps need to find something else to waste money on. Thanks for the advice - I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions. thanks again…

South240R sorry thought of another question, how do you find the ground clearance on the 240R vs the Sagaris. Looks like its 130mm vs 85mm. so suspect much less of a problem grounding out on those B-roads even at 60mph

My Exige is at 120mm and have not had a prob yet

For a proper track car that’s going to get lots of use why get a new exige? It’ll only get tatty, and that’s a shame for something �40k+

Get a used S1 and a normal road car, then you can have comfort when you want it and a full on track experience too!

I use my S2 every day and love it, 'cos it can do the daily commute and the odd track day, that’s what it’s perfect for. If I was going to do loads more track days, I’d have got a focus and a radical!!

Nothing wrong with getting a �40K car scruffy… it’s what they are built for and if you have a mate who owns a Lotus bodyshop… freshenups are free… lol

Having driven several S1 Exiges, they are very different cars, so drive them both and decide which you enjoy the most… it’s very difficult to get an unbiased view here…lol

Ground clearance has not been an issue on either cars and they go over ramps and into multi storey car parks etc.

Biggest irritation with the Sagaris on ground clearance was the way the back end bottoms out on any country lane, it’s a standard problem and they have a skid plate there so no real damage, just very very distracting whilst driving hardish… but to anyone following it looks very cool seeing spark flying… or so I was told…

Had a call from my friends at Wilsons… they will do a stunning deal on their demo Cup 240 if you are out there looking… tell them you want Kurt’s price… they’ll laugh nervously… but I’m sure they’ll honor the deal

Thanks… unfortunately suspect will need to go to a joint TVR/Lotus dealer to get the best deal. Looking at some of the detail - was is the difference between LSD plate (240R) and LSD torseen (Cup240).Also the information I have gathered so far indicates the 240R does not have traction control - but the Cup240 does. Also what is the difference between Ohlins 2way and 1way adjustable (suspect an obvious answer)- the 220 S has 1way via Super Sports upgrade. Final question (for this morning ) On the 240R/Cup it has uprated brakes over the 220 S - does anyone have the detail. The 220S seemingly has Lotus ABS braking with AP Racing and Brembo callipers - is it that the 240R/Cup is identical but with uprated hoses, silcon fluid and uprated pads?

Thanks again,

PS - just booked on a trackday for the 13th March

1-ways are easier to set-up. Less waffing more driving!


The 240R has an open diff, most cars that are being used hard on track are having them retro fitted though as however you setup the suspension you can still smoke the inside rear on a tight corner. However an LSD of anytype can make the car a little more snappy on track… benefits outway the drawbacks on the supercharged cars (I’d stay with an open diff with less than 200hp).

The traction control is on the '06 model year cars, they also have a fly by wire throttle. The traction control seems to work very well when I tested the car, however I’d always have it switched off with the way I use the car so minimal benefit and remember it is just traction control NOT stability control so will not stop a snip unless you are causing it with a heavy right foot.

The brakes are the same as the S but with braided hoses and harder compound pads, not had any problems with them on any circuit as yet.

As for the Ohlins, yeah the two way offer more adjustment allowing you to change the behaviour independently for compression and rebound, this means you can have the perfect setup or more often than not if you fiddle a true aweful one… Lotus do however provide setups for most circuits if you talk to Lotus Sport very nicely…

2 way Ohlins perfectly setup with a top driver is worth maybe 1 second a lap at somewhere like Silverstone, so you are getting down to very small differences… accurate tyre pressures probably makes more difference for most people!!!