2-11 Spec

Hi All

I have decided to order a 2-11 to replace my Exige S GT.

So I have the full spec list and If I select all the right ‘goodies’ it costs out at nearly 50K

So I cannot justify this cost so which options do you think I should choose/loose ?

Base car = �27995

Option Packs

255 Supercharger Pack = �4495
Supercharger kit including manifolds
Uprated Fuel Pump
Rear Mounted Air/Air intercooler with ducted entry
Motorsport Clutch
Peak Torque Limiting Valve in clutch line
Twin Air/Oil Coolers
Supercharged 2-Eleven ECU
�Supercharged� Decal

Sport Pack = �3495
7 Twin Spoke Ultra Lightweight Forged Alloy Wheels � High Power Silver or Black
Ohlins 2 way adjustable dampers
RS 14 brake pads
Braided Stainless Steel Brake Hoses
LSC � Adjustable Traction control

Aero Pack = �1995
Adjustable Carbon Fibre single element rear wing
Aluminium Wing End Plates
Extended front splitter

Track Day Pack = �1495
Rear DI�s, Fog Lights, Reverse Lights and Brake Lights
Rear Lighting Harness
Indicator Stalk
Fog light switch
Side Mirrors
Hand Held Fire Extinguisher
Front and Rear Tow Eyes

UK SVA Pack = �3495
(Not compatible with Track Day Pack or Track Day Pack with Lights)

Front and Rear Number plate bracket and lights
Headlamp units
Front DI units
Mounting panel for headlamps
Side Repeaters
Rear DI�s, Fog Lights, Reverse Lights and Brake Lights
Lighting Harness
Lighting Switch panel
Indicator/Dip Stalk
Exhaust Downpipe with Catalyst
Side Mirrors
Radius trim
Red Anodised Aluminium Battery Master Switch Knob

Stand Alone Options UK: All prices are MSRP inc VAT
Lotus Sport Passenger Seat cloth trim, Fixed Mounts & 4 Point E Marked Harness �750
FIA approved Drivers Race seat with Bolt-in mounts & 6 point Race harness �750
�Launch Edition� Leather Seat Trim (Sport Seats Only) per seat �350
�Launch Edition� Paint and Graphic Decal Set �2,495
Painted Brake Calipers �495
Forged 5 Spoke (7x16 & 8x17) Black or Hi Power Silver (Sport Pack Only) �500
Twin Air/Oil Coolers (190 NA engine only) �995
Torsen Limited Slip Differential �995
Plate Type Limited Slip Differential �1,695
Removable Steering Wheel and Boss �395
Stage 1 Sport Silencer �285
Cockpit Shower Cover �180
Polished Intercooler Pipes �195
Front and Rear Tow Eyes �250
Hand Held Fire Extinguisher �65
Electrically Fired Plumbed in Fire Extinguisher �1,495
70 litre FIA FT3 bag fuel tank �2,495
FIA Rollover Structure Certificate and Decal �95
Fitted Dust Cover (SVA Rear Wing Version) �295
Fitted Dust Cover (Race Rear Wing Version) �295
Fabric Tonneau Cover (Due May 2008) �495
Carbon Fibre Body Panels (price dependant on specification and finish) �POA
Rigid Tonneau and Screen (GRP) �1,250
Carbon Fibre Rigid Tonneau (price dependant on specification and finish) �POA
Four Piston front calipers and 2 piece front discs �1,495
Anderson Plug External Connector and Cables �250

Big list I Know - Designates the ones I think are essential, big question is the UK SVA Road Pack @ �3495

The car will be only really used on the track and I will trailer it but if I do not fit the road pack I might never resell it ? What do we think

Holy [censored]!

Look at all that extra weight

Not sure i’d bother with the diff, it’s never caused me a problem in the Exige.

I got past a couple of these at Spa the other day - so i’d need to drive one just to make sure it really was a lot quicker than an Exige S.

If it wasn’t significantly better then i’d much rather stick with the Exige and tweak it a bit, knowing it can still be sued on the road and is a little bit practical.

Lovely things though! Most envious.

So the wife’s back at work then?

Wow, didnt realise the option list was that long!

Would it not be better to track down one of the launch cars, is there not still a few around the dealers?

I’d definately get it road legal, bound to be sometime you need to use it on the road and I think a few have the Aero pack fitted yet got round the SVA bit.

I wouldn’t worry about the brakes, none of the racers use them in the Lot series (in fact all they are allowed is basically the sport and aero pack).

Similarly the race seat unless you plan to race it.

Wheels are personal but I’d leave the upgrade as it’s quite a bit.

With regard to the SVA kit, if you plan on doing trackdays you must have either the trackday or the SVA kit as a car without any lights will potentially be an issue. You’ll really need front lights as well (trackday pack doesn’t mention them) as some circuits may take a dim view of a car with no front lights if it’s raining.

I’d go for the rigid Tonneau as it looks excellent.

Id agree with Ian,

Your probably best looking out for one of the launch cars as it will cost you the same and you get most of the bells and whistles with it (inc sva). If its a colour thing then it still may be better looking out for one of the launch cars and getting it resprayed to your own liking as it will still probably be cheaper than specing it up from new.

I’d go for the rigid Tonneau as it looks excellent.

Agreed, I have one sitting at work waiting to go on

Although if the car was going to be used for trackdays/weekend road use then I wouldnt bother. Half the fun with the car is having the ability to take out a passenger… It is a lonely olde life out there on your ownsome.

So the wife’s back at work then?

Not quite but the build time is 4 months and she should be starting a new ‘venture’ in the new year

Press on then. Will follow progress with interest. Get out on the bike, shed a few pounds (I need to) and you’ll be even faster round the circuits . . .

What do we think it would cost to re spray a 2-11 ?

What do we think it would cost to re spray a 2-11 ?

More than a “vinyly wrap”

So everything is extra Sir…as BMW dealers say!
I cant believe towing eyes are extra…another track day essential…
Dont forget to add cost of trailor
Makes my Exige look even better �/Fun value.
Bags a PAX ride when you’v got it though

Hardly know where to start with a list like that, it’s like the back of the Argos catalogue at Christams. However

Colour Met Black…with JPS Gold stripes (MarkyB will back me on that) and it has greater signifance being a Lotus! And will help re-sale…possibly!!
255 Supercharge pack
Sport pack
Areo pack
Yes to the seat
Volks TE7 matching Gold to JPS stripes
Torsen LSD
Steering wheel
Front rear tow eye
Hand held fire extinguisher
Brakes with out doubt
Same then really…
Oh and Ifor Williams twin axel trailer

GO JPS MATE, it would look fooking ACE!

John - can you lend me 60K ?

The wife’s holding the purse strings at the mo

I just got mine delivered last saturday.

It was a customer cancel car that I got in 4 weeks. It was the ginger spice colours before i got the blue changed at the factory to black.

255 Supercharge pack
Sport pack
Steering wheel
Front rear tow eye
Hand held fire extinguisher
shower cape

I talked to Nick Adams for about a hour about the car. Brakes, LSD etc and I have left it alone as I will use the car alot on the road. I have used it every day since I picked it up.

So looking forward to getting the thing on track.

Scotty C

there is a Bob cat on Autotrader at a good price


I should have said.

Get youself across here?


Hi Scott

Thanks for that - would you mind PM’ing me with what sort of deal you got

I cannot decide whether I should order a new one or try and get a ex demo launch car


Get an ex-demo mate, they can’t be walking out the door at the moment and then clear off to the dark side!
But…Keep in touch
Oh and I asked Fee about the 211 and she said no she wants to buy a Katana Supercharger

You should be able to get at least 10% off a new one - it’s the most “profitable” (per unit) car ever produced by Lotus, & dealers must be desperate for cash at the moment.