190 upgrades.

I have an Exige here at the moment for installation of verniers and Emerald ECU, it is the 13th 190 Exige I have upgraded. Once again on stripping off the cam pulleys it was evident the the new 101MOP inlet pulley had been incorrectly fitted so that the cam timing was not altered to the modifed setting but remained as before the upgrade.

This obviously seriously compromises the effectivity of the upgrade.

This is the 8th one with an incorrectly fitted pulley of 13 I have had here… what is going on?

I will post a picture later of the inlet pulley as fitted to this particular car

The cam timing as checked was 75 thou lift at TDC on the inlet and 100 thou on the exhaust, it has now been set to 130/115.



Nothing surprises me about the standard of work carried out by a lot of (but not all) dealers.

As a mechanical pleb, I ask if the incorrect fitting as you describe, is likely to cause damage in the longer term, rather than just making the engine run “lumpy”?

Is it easily checked?

Cheers, Ian

It’s relatively easily checked, with the cam belt cover off, turn the engine to 90 degrees BTDC, if the cam timing marks on the pulleys line up as per the manual then the upgrade has not been installed or it has not been installed correctly.


mine is correct then

As a mechanical pleb, I ask if the incorrect fitting as you describe, is likely to cause damage in the longer term, rather than just making the engine run “lumpy”?

I would say just no extra power…

Paradoxically the engine will idle better at the original settings, the extra lift at TDC does affect idle quality.

Generally speaking the advanced inlet cam(190 upgrade correctly fitted) will give torque in the mid-range and a little extra power.


I can vouch for the extra mid range torque, as mine is one of the 13 that Dave has upgraded. I would recomend this upgrade to anybody with a standard Exige makes a massive difference to the drivability as well.


Do you have any advice to improve the emissions, my CO is well over the limit and I can’t seem to improve it by trimming the map.

It’s important to trim the map only where the test is taken and to ensure that closed loop Lambda feedback is switched on. If you target the fuelling as close as possible to Lambda then let closed loop take over, set it to around 3% adjustment and make sure your Cat is working and up to temperature.


Inlet pulley on my 170 was 12deg out!!!

Emerald and verniers is the best money I have ever spent on an upgrade to any motor I have owned

mhaney mine’s still in 177 trim, did you really notice that much difference in going the verniers/emerald route as on paper it doesn’t look that much better except at the top end. Never had any trouble with rough running at low revs on mine and has always been quite smooth. (if you discount this weeks troubles)

Mine was 177ECU but with the Lotus motorsport zaust and decat pipe. I didnt realise how crap it was till we stuck the emerald on and sorted the timing.

It would bog down sometimes when pulling away from the lights, stink terribly of fuel inside and out, I had a momentary pause as I went back on the gas after every gear change etc…

Now the car is as well behaved as an S2… well not quite but is certainly transformed my car.

Economy is better if driving like a total ‘mince’. Stopped the over fuelling on over run (I lost my pops bangs and 2 ft flames - one can turn that back on if desired!). The engine seems to rev through the range much smoother and it feels more torquey.

I cant back any of the above with science and know nothing about prattling about with the settings on the lap top - It’s just miles better! Get it down to Daves for one fitting


Economy is better if driving like a total ‘mince’.

So thats ALL the time then with you!!!

Does anybody know if an Emerald is possible to fit without cutting the loom? Is a plug to plug adaptor possible?


It’s possible if you can get a connector to mate with the current loom connector, a dead ECU might be a good source of one of these. I know a man in the USA who has done just that.


Alternative I was thinking of was to cut the loom and use a MIL connector for joining - then you just need another male MIL for another connection … Possible ?

Possible I suppose…


Andy, I’m not sure Dave is particularly excited by the thought though.

It sounds as if we’re both thinking the same sort of thing. Considering the Honda, but don’t really want to give up on the K, installing an Emerald would get more out of the Rover lump but seems so final (cutting the loom’n’all), so it’d be nice to put the original ECU back in and sell the Emerald if we ever gave in to the Honda. Am I right?


Can anyone post a picture of the standard set up as per the service manual - must invest in one of these manuals
Cheers Mark

Can anyone post a picture of the standard set up as per the service manual

Mark - what exactly do you mean?