Has everybody heard about this? Sounds like a fantastic idea

If you don’t know about it yet, it’s a new variation on the manual gearbox which is supposed to give instantanious changes really smoothly. It appears to be the ultimate in gearboxes, matching or exceeding the best points of all the variations of manual/automatic/sequential/DSG etc.
They’re not giving away much info about how it works yet, but they’re starting production of kits for the Tremec gearboxes in TVRs etc.

They’re taking votes for which vehicles to develop for next, and the Elise/Exige is currently languishing in 7th place. I think we should all put a vote in just in case this thing is as good as they say it is.

See for further details.

It’s been floating around for sometime now. Those who have seen it swear by it. But the rest of us have been waiting for sometime. PH have an article and long running thread here RE: Zeroshift Gearbox - Page 1 - Motoring News - PistonHeads UK

sounds good but proof is in the pudding. Maybe they will make one for a honda???

And how do we place interest?

I have read about it and would love one.

Besides, there’s so many PG1 gearboxes out there that it’s got to be a popular choice…

Go to
Click ‘Enter’
Click on ‘Products’ in the row across the top
Click on ‘3’ at the bottom left of the page
This should be the current list of voting results.
Click on ‘Click to vote’

Let’s try to boost the Elise from 7th place.


But, did you see the prices?

Yikes. Didn’t see that. Presumably our gearboxes would be a bit cheaper than TVRs because they’re smaller and don’t have to cope with so much torque.
Shame they’re not offering a kit to upgrade your existing box since the actual gears and case could be retained. It’s only a system to replace the synchromesh.

But, did you see the prices?

No, what were they?


From �5K to �7K, depending on the transmission !

If it works, there will soon be a load of imitators, and the price should come down…

Anyone actually used one??

I’m not so sure about that Mike. I know they’ve been trying to tie this one down with reams of IPR.

I think that’s why there’s been so little experience of it. Even the F1 boys are interest but haven’t got it yet (I read a mag article a few weeks ago, although I can’t remember where, maybe EVO).


i really can’t see how it would work.
And if yes, with 0 no shift times u r going to give to
the engine (and most of the mechanical parts) a really hard life…

Supposedly not. They claim the torque to the wheels is constant during shifts. Less strain on driveshafts, engine mounts etc. The change in engine revs is not sudden, so no problems there.
I think I read that the clutch slips during the shift, so maybe some extra wear there?

If the torque to the wheels is even, you would be able to shift mid corner without losing car balance, and I find that hard to believe…

But I also thought that Santa Claus didn’t exist, so don’t listen to me

They have specifically stated that you can change gear while cornering!

Sounds like it could be the way of the future.

But then I never do change mid corner unless I’m just cruisin…

I change down if I’m in the middle of a huge slide!