your money is too confusing!

so can anyone please just give me a quick pointer… al the prices that you talk about on this site ie: all the car prices and part prices… are they in united kingdom pounds? or in euro?? is euro the price with the little e with the lines above it? sorry to ask such a silly question … i just really enjoy making myself look like an ass

LOL they are in �’s

ok so that would be “united kingdom pounds” right?? im just trying to figure it all out…


yep !


This should help:

�1 = 3 of these


Noooo, leave her alone!

She’s special!

�1 GBP = $2.7 NZD - see here

Therefore you’re probably going to be looking at the NZD$50-55,000 each.


hahaha thanks guys, thats the site ive been using but i was just making sure as this sounds pretty cheap for what the car is… very good value, was just making sure i wasnt dreaming

anyone out there wanna swap an Exige for 50,000 sheep?

Its a BAR! GIN sorry somebody had to.