You lucky, lucky boys n girls…

Up until a few days ago, I thought I was Mr. Lucky. Y’see I work for a ‘specialist’ sportscar seller. I get to drive, 430’s - a couple of F355’s, SLR’s heaps of ‘M’s’ 911’s and the spectacular new XKR and Astons.

Respected the Exige - never rated it as a ‘WOW’ car - just new it was kinda good-special’ish.

Had a Series 2 Exige in as a px (needed a bigger car�twins on the way) Corolla VVTLi engine eh - so what!? Not like it is a V8 or V10 is it?

Oh, go on then - just a little spin�

OH MY FOOOOOOOOOKIN GOD! I think, when it was warmed up and able to rev past the magic 8, my thought was “Whooa - oh my sweet jesu-whoooooaaaa”
followed my maniac laughter!!!

What an amazing bit of kit!! I cant tell you how much I want one and how alive and real it feels next to the massive big badge’ers. Hit a manhole cover at 70 and think I ruptured a vertebrae�and enjoyed it.
So I look like a diseased John Clease getting my 6’4" frame out and cant see properly when in. The Exige is by far the best car I have ever had the pleasure of spinning in (something you cant do in numbed fezza’s).

Awesome - saving now!!

Mate I see the reviews and read the forums and judging by peoples reactions i just cant wait to get one.

Coming out of uni next year and sure to get a 2nd exige…

I drive a renault sport and thats fast and capable enough in the twisties but this looks like so much more. Need to plan a track day.

Coming out of uni next year and sure to get a 2nd exige…

Damn, you don�t hold back .


Join the most fun club in the world…Once bitten Whoa.