You all alright Oop'North?!

Blowing a bit of hoolie up there! You all ok?

Anybody have to bring the Exige indoors for safety?


ps. A UK centric post.

This morning I saw a few Highland Cows fly past the window (it’s their fault, with all that hair, there’s a lot of drag), but apart from that and the fact that we need to walk at 45 deg from horizontal, nothing strange here in Aberdeen.

This morning on the radio a couple or people died last night and about 60 injured (don’t know how), some fallen trees blocking the roads. But all this is an the west side of Scotland, where the wind is reportedly going at about 120 MPH.
Hmmm, I suppose it’s ok if you face the wind with our cars, but if it hits you from behind…
So, always drive INTO the wind…

I suppose all those speed cameras must be going off all the time, what with the wind exceeding the limit !!

I was out flying my kite last night and ended up in New York. The only way to fly.

Yep, all is reasonably well in windy west Cumbria, with only some minor roof damage to the house.

Most importantly though, the car is safely tucked away in a nice warm garage & has come to no harm

I’m 40 odd miles south of Carlisle (Whitehaven), & we havn’t had the flooding they’ve suffered.

I belive there is an Exige in Carlisle, & definitely one in Brampton (10 miles East of Carlisle). Perhaps when they get power restored, they can confirm all is ok

Thanks for asking


Not too bad in Preston, neighbours shed went missing. The Exige is hooked up to the mains trickling away, in the garage.

Exige in Brampton is tucked up safely in garage Tim. I work in Carlisle on Rosehill off Warwick Rd and escaped any water there too.

mighty stiff breeze i must say… good for the downforce tho’

exige has been in tha garage since Friday tho… changing the exhaust… on and off and on again kinda story, but its alright now… pretty ferkin cool actually…