yota oil

What’s the best? I’m doing about 6-8 track days/year. I’m due service next week and need to get some oil.


hmmm, i would probably say 10w50. i use 10w60 in the vhpd but that may be too thick for the yota, 0w40 may be too thin for such a high revving engine so id be safe and go with some 50

cheers for your help


What oil does the manual say should be used?

If I were you, I’d stick to what Lotus recommends whilst still under warranty

It actually doesn’t matter as LRV refuse to use any oil provided by the customer. I know this isn’t true as Gav (21gg) has been able to do this only a few weeks ago, but I guess I’m not as important to them! I’m getting very pissed off with lotus customer service. I’ve recently had an incident with my tracker coming loose and damaging the rear clam, I’ve never had to deal with people being so obstructive before. The sooner the waranty runs out the better, then it’s no more dealers!!