Yokohama Mid - Engined series.

Just in case someone has missed it, some of the race dates have been altered :-

Circuit Date
Brands Hatch 1 May
Snetterton 3 June
Silverstone 1 July
Pembrey 13 August
Oulton Park 16 September
Donington Park 7 October

Or see here:-


its nice to see they have spaced them out this year and not got 3 races in the space of a month

Cheers Russ.
A few changed to the 1st draft fixtures. Diary updated.

No Mallory Park meeting

where can i find the rules and regulations for this year?? thinking about entering but want to check which class i’d be in


Follow the link in the 1st post, then click series facts, regs are in PDF’s on LH side of screen.

cheers mark.

Just had a read at the regs.

The way it is written a Honda’d Exige can conpete by invitation only, but it’s listed in the weight chart at the bottom? So is the Honda install allowed automatically, I see SC version is the same?

Also looks like running an Elise with the RST V8 is allowed (by invitation only), as it isn’t a bike engine, something which wasn’t allowed last year IIRC.

Additionally, what is the point of the BHP/tonne thing, as it isn’t evened out, surely the best thing would be to pick a bhp/tonne figure and make the higher powered car ballast up to keep the figure within 20bhp/tonne as opposed top the 45bhp/tonne that currently exists?
Not to mention the fact the figures look a bit wrong. Honda & Duratec Elise at 210bhp isn’t much out, but the S/C version is about 50bhp out as some cars are now at 300bhp, same with the Audi cars, Mike Lanes car was at 315bhp, regs state 270bhp. There are also 1.9 k-series N/A cars with 245bhp+ around. So picking an Elise with a std N/A Honda with 210bhp=295bhp/tonne. With a proper supercharged Honda and 300bhp=380bhp/tonne. This is the same for the Audi engined cars with 320bhp. This can give a range of upto 100bhp/tonne.

Mark, I am sure Graham Horgan can answer the first two points, and will be along shortly.

As regards the third point…


Wouldn’t it be possible to rolling road them right before the first race and ballast accordingly?


In theory great - but not practical!

Oh, & then there’s the slight matter of having mappable ECUs

The rules ain’t perfect, but at least they’re a step in the right direction. If you recall, last year the “Shelsley” weighed around 600kilos, with 350bhp

Rob - more thoughts from the armchair

How long does scruiteneering take? A quick power run on a mobile road would not take that long would it?

It would only need to be done once at the begining of the series - it is a “gentleman’s” race isn’t it, so drivers would just have to declare it they had made any power mods and be re-tested.

I note that there is also a obligation, if required, to swap ECU’s with a follow competitor in the production class.


It really is not me you need to discuss this with, but I’m pretty sure that there won’t be any changes to the regs for this year! There was a fair amount of “formal” discussion at the latter part of last season, on this subject, when the Series Organisers held a number of drivers/team meetings. The Organisers, then drafted & announced the regs, & no doubt will be reviewing the regs for 2007 later this year.

Scrutineering - these guys have their worked pulled out, cos they review every single car racing at that meeting, & you’re talking at least 5 mins per car.

Mobile rolling road (not that many around!), & in any event it woukld take 10-15mins per car, so not practical at a race meeting.

Weighing cars - would need to be done pre & post ballating!

Gentleman Racers - you may say that, I couldn’t possibly comment!

ECU swaps - last year, I think there were only 3 cars in production class - Noble, Standard Elise, 190 Sport Elise, so again not a real issue!

PS I’ve found this “armchair” for you

[image]The Jon Rose Web - Jon Rose Web

very good - glad to see its got a power supply for the laptop

I think I will suffix all my posts with this:



A good analysis, which goes to prove that the series is more aimed at gentlemen drivers out to have fun, than at serious teams, with cash to spare to buy wins!!

I am all for improvement of the breed, since the knowledge gained filters down to everyone, but one of the reasons I am not racing, is that I cannot afford to “keep up with the Jones’”.

How about a rule change for next year that separates teams according to funding and professional support - so ‘professional’ teams race in different categories to ‘amateur’ teams?

PS I am not getting at anyone - I have not met a nicer bunch

“gentleman’s” race
Well, this sounds nice, and it�s exactly how races/racers should be! I�ll keep this in mind and discuss it later.

WEIGHT queries�

Lets say that you have an Elise S1 111s (VVC). You have modified almost everything (so you have to compete in the motorsport class), except the engine which is running on Emerald and throttle bodies and producing about 170BHP. What is supposed to be the minimum weight according to the rules?

In addition, I am wondering why these weight regulations refer only to the post-race wet cars without the driver and not including him/her? The engine of the car during the race is supposed to accelerate the weight of the driver too!

Finally, most unmodified N/A Honda Elises produce around 220+BHP directly after the conversion. In the regulations it is supposed to produce 210BHP. Maybe the organisers considered the worst case. The car weight limit in this case is 710kg. But the best Rover K-series engine (factory/unmodified) installed in an Elise is producing 190BPH (200 according to the regulations) while the min weight of this car is 700kg. I was wondering is this 10kg weight difference realistic? In the end of the day, it might even be easier, cheaper and more reliable to install a Honda rather develop a 220BHP rover k-series engine. Don�t forget the 6-speed gearbox, too.

What do you think?

Don’t forget the Audi powered cars too - assumed to have only 270bhp (IIRC)

Just demonstrates that this power/weight ratio stuff is not the definitive answer to levelling things up - it is however, a big step in the right direction from the situation in previous years.

Those driving in the series for the first time this year, should just regard this season as a learning exercise, & have some great fun doing it. There are some (relatively) very experienced drivers out there, with well set up cars, so the newbies should not be at all downhearted, if they find it a struggle to get on the podium. There are loads of very helpful peeps in the series, so the paddock comarardrie should be as good as ever

I completely agree with you Rob. I just didn�t want to mention all the varieties. I have never seen a Honda S/C with 250 bhp either!
If I personally manage to compete in this series this year, believe me the last thing I will be looking for is the podium!
But I am just wondering why these figures aren�t closer to reality? Almost everybody knows well the exact figures of the Rover, Honda and Audi engines.

Finally, about the helpful people out there; I am one of the many who have received their help and I feel grateful to them.