Yokohama Mid Engined Series

If anyone is interested in racing this year, let George know via the web site, although looking at the email list he sends out these days it looks like he has plenty of interest.


Production - Production sports cars where 250 models have been produced for sale to the general public, as defined in the technical regulations below

Motorsport � Modified Production Based Sports Cars - Cars based on any production sports car where more than 250 examples have been made for sale to the general public. Exceptions to the above are Mid�Engined sports cars specifically manufactured to comply with a one-make racing sports car formula: ie Lotus One-Make Motorsport Cars, Renault Spider �Cup� Cars, Ferrari Challenge cars, etc. Other mid engined sports cars will be eligible to race by invitation only.



Production Motorsport
Road cars with the induction system, throttle body, exhaust manifold and engine management control unit to standard specification. The cars must have a either have a current MOT certificate, or be capable of passing an MOT except for emissions regulations. Race cars or modified production sports cars

Eligible Marques / Models

Production Motorsport
Lotus: S1 and S2 Elise Type 111.
(including Sport 160, 190, VVC, Exige S1, S2 and 111R)
MG: MGF (including VVC, 160, etc )
Vauxhall: VX220 2.2 NA / Turbo / VXR
Toyota: MR2 NA / Turbo
Fiat: X19
Renault: Spider
Noble: M12 / 3 / 3R
Ferrari: 308, 328, 348, 355, 360
Lotus Motorsport one-make cars and copies of
MG: MGF Cup Cars
Renault Spider Cup Cars, Clio V6 Cup
Ferrari: Challenge Cars
Noble: M400
Westfield: XTR4
Ariel: Atom II � Not Supercharged
All non-standard engine blocks
All cars with non-standard wings or other aerodynamic devices
All other cars not eligible for �Production�

What kind of costs is this?

I’d be tempted to do a couple even if just for the laff of it all

I’d need the cage, leccy cut off and fire ex installed… And wouldn’t be competeive without slicks and decent suspenion (can’t see the LSS being upt the job )


I’ll not go into the costs - no doubt Russ will though! Unless things have changed from last year, only Yoko tyres (non slick) were allowed. Yoko did of course sponsor the series, & I don’t know if they are again this year, so the tyre regs may be different.