Yokohama Advan Neovas


I think that these tyres are the recommended rubber for the S1 Elise and seem to be very well regarded in those circles.

I was wondering if anyone has fitted them to their Exige as I may be looking for something slightly friendlier than the A048s (I have an S1 Exige btw) for the winter months and wondered if they might be a good compromise what with them being Lotus approved.

Please feel free to advise / discuss / rip me to shreds


Advan Neovas - do they make them in Exige sizes? (Assuming you don’t mean the Yoko 039 LTS)

The Advan’s deffo come in Exige sizes and are very cheap compared to the 048’s.

Tried them on my Exige but never again.

Okay - which model number/designation were they, please, cos these aren’t Exige sizes?


Advan Neovas - do they make them in Exige sizes? (Assuming you don’t mean the Yoko 039 LTS)

Hi Rob ,
I have a set of these (039’s that is ) as spares.
Anything I should know ?
ie. too hard for track or best on road …
Maybe even not good for nowt ? (except Maccie D’s )


The 39s were fitted as standard to the Exige S1 (they were also the “wet race” tyre for the Motorsport Elises in the Autobytel Series in 1999/2001). They are a very good tyre for both road & track use, but they are “soft” by normal standards, so they only last about the same as the 48s. The 48s are better for track use, as there is more rubber in contact with the tarmac, & they don’t get as hot as, or grain up as much as the 39s. Conversely, the 39s are of course a better wet weather tyre!

The 39s are somewhat more expensive than the 48s, iirc about �100 a a set more! I’d be surprised if there are many unused 39s around, or many of recent manufacture.

In the above, I am of course referring to “LTS” variants of each tyre type.

As “Meals on Wheels” are my takeaway providers of choice, I can’t really comment about anything MaccyD related

Eek! I was hoping for sure footed tails of grip and superlative standing water clearence, not for suggestions that they are ditchfinder extrodinares!

So am I better off tiptoing around on my A048’s or do people rate any other rubber?

JFK, from what I have read the 039s are the all around tyre of choice for the (s1?) Exige with fantastic dry grip but also the ability to clear water.

I know I have also answered my above question about rated rubber but I have also heard that 039s cost the earth!


Cheers for the info…
They are indeed lts compound (Yoko 039 LTS)

I aqquired them when I bought my S2.
As I don’t have an S1 maybe I should swap them for used 048’s or sell them !
Just measured the treads and are as follows:

Both fronts 4.0 mm
Both rears 3.5 mm

Use to anyone ?


Wey Hey I,m now “A Journeyman !”

Wey Hey I,m now “A Journeyman !”

Keep on truckin’

When I had my S2 Elise, I had a set of wheels with AO48’s and another set with AO39’s on. The 39’s were a brilliant all round tyre - good on track, good on the road and good in the wet! The only problem was (as previously mentioned) they didn’t last long and costed even more than the 48’s.

I also ran Toyo R888’s as an alternative to the 48’s and preferred them to the 48’s - more wet weather grip and minimal difference in the dry I felt.

My S1 Exige currently runs on 48’s and I plan to replace them with 39’s when they are due, as I don’t like having to travel distances in the wet on 48’s and can’t be bothered any more with swapping wheels about