yoko A-005 slicks

has anyone had anyone used the yoko slicks on track.been told because of the obvious exta load to the suspension i would need to uprate the toe links, would any other mods be needed as said in other post have been thinkink of fitting the nitrons.trouble is after all this i wont be able to afford to to the dammed track days!oh well maybe i should leave it as it is.


Yes you should fit the motorsport toelinks if you are going to run on slicks.

Not being funny, but what’s wrong with the 48s on track? If they were good enough for the guys who raced in the Lotus Roadsport Series, & the Mid Engined Sportscar Series, then…

I’m sure that a properly set up car (eg Nitrons & correct geo), with the 48s will be “adequately” quick around the twisty bits on track

i have used Yoko slicks on several occasions and can say that I never experienced any trouble with toe links.

However, and it is a big however, I had a nearside toe link failure last year. This must have been well over 12 months since i last used slicks and after more than several other trackdays on standard tyres.

You can see the failure HERE . There was no way of predicting it and there was no early warning signs. I changed to an upgraded kit and with hindsight I should have done it earlier given the number of trackdays I was doing. I think the AO39s were good enough to give the standard toelinks a hard time and I’m convinced that the the AO48s must give it an even harder time.

I was lucky in that the resulting spin at high speed did not push me into a wall/armco/tyrewall but it did take out a CV joint.

If you plan to push hard on track upgrade this part now would be my advice.

Rob - I think

*slicks are actually cheaper
*they must be better than AO48s on a dry track
*they are more sexy!


But you need a spare set of rims, plus a means of transporting them to the track too - so not necessarily cheaper!!!

I do however agree that any “sexing up” would be a bonus in your case

Rob - remind me not to get in your car ever again!!!

No problem - the only time you were a passenger we spun!!!

Remember that running slicks is not as easy as running 48’s. Expect it to be harder to get them to work properly and to dramatically increase the wheel rates. Also bear in mind that unless you go for super hard ones you won’t get much life out of them, most slicks expire after ~6 heat cycles. If you do go for super hard ones then you won’t find much benifit over 48’s

No problem - the only time you were a passenger we spun!!!

and there’s me being polite and not mentioning that…I have remembered never to be at the front of the queue in the pitlane!

thanks for advice chaps,i e-mailed hyla breese on a different matter and he mentioned he could get hold of some (run in) slicks.will stay with the A048 but maybe a good idea to do the toe links, so where do i get them from and are they easy to fit.