Yokhama A052

Anyone with advise on the best/cheapest place to buy Yokohama A052’s at the mo? Thanks!

H111 were the only place I could get them from

I just ordered a replacement rear via eBay from Italy - took a week to be delivered, cost £187, which was significantly cheaper than DemonTweeks…

Thanks for your replies. Trying to decide what I’m going to replace my A048’s with! Any advise greatly received.

I cannot compare the 048s to the 52s as I have never run the 048s.

I went from AD08R to the 052s and I need a hans device just to keep my head from the window due to cornering forces.

I was tempted with this, did you not get stung with duty / import fees?

No, not with eBay - at least not yet anyhow! :wink:

That’s a pretty good recommendation!