Sorry I haven’t been on for a long time folks. I’ve been too depressed to talk about my car, but I’m happy to say that it looks like Lotus are going to give me a brand new car!! I am now in the strange situation of being a none-working Exige owner and a pending Exige owner at the same time and feel I can talk and read about their cars without feeling F*cked off. Plus I now get aircon, if it’s of any use of course.

Andy - you’ll have to remind me - what’s wrong with your Exige ?

I’m just going to list the worst of it:Picked up the car and the accelerator jammed to the point that they had to give us another car until ours was fixed. Picked the car up and the resonator was so bad that it nearly killed me, so had that fixed with most of the other 15ish minor problems repaired at this point. Including neither of the sets of keys working properly.Engine jammed open at full revs and wasn’t even cutting out. Luckily on the motorway so could have been worse.So three major problem within the first 1800 miles. Complained to the dealer quoting the Sales of Goods act and Lotus have come back with the offer of a new car. At one stage I never wanted another Lotus again as I’ve had two ‘lemons’ so far.But they’re trying to sort it out and I get the aircon included, plus they’re putting it through a ‘special QA procedure’ - does that mean all other cars aren’t specially?!? - and want me to get it serviced at the factory.I hope the problems are minimal on this one. If not, well, I don’t want to think about that one at the moment. I just hope it works properly.Can’t wait!!A