Yip revisited.

The dreaded Yip hasn’t been mentioned for a while, so I thought I’d ask if anybody’s found the cause yet? There have been a few suggestions but nothing entirely conclusive.
Somebody suggested one that it might be something to do with the springs or dampers. A few of you have now changed to Nitrons etc, so you might be able to say whether your yips have gone away?
Now that I’m considering changing my dampers, a cure for the yip might be just the thing to sway me

Well, my Exige has RD suspension and Eibach springs, and no yip (which it did originally before the bodywork was hacked and while it was on LSS), while I put LSS from an Exige onto my old Elise, which developed a yip.

Thats proof enough for me!


The dreaded Yip

Now that I’m considering changing my dampers, a cure for the yip might be just the thing to sway me

Hey Brendan… don’t be so cruel… some of us are rather attached to our Yip !!, I worry when I’ve not heard it for a few days…

MarkD’s findings sound pretty conclusive to me…

Indeed, I very seldom get to hear my Yip, and when I do, brings me a smile…

I kinda telepathically know when it’s gonna happen, sad but I like it. It’s a certain type of undulation and I’m sure is the front suspension.


all 4 corners from mine

Thanks guys. Mark, you’re very convincing, that pretty much settles it.
I wouldn’t mind the yip so much if it didn’t happen several times per mile.

Where do you live?! Bumpsville?!

That does sounds a little excessive. Tried a can of WD40?


Actually, I’m in Little Bumpsville. A small village just down a narrow lane from Bumpsville
Where would you suggest I use the WD40? I could spray it on the wife if you think it’ll stop her squealing

So, anybody changed their suspension and still got a yip?

Brendan, according to the mechanic that just took a look at mine it’s called shock absorber knock and is quite usual on the Exige…yeh right, he want’s to try a bumpy B road for a couple of hours. Nitrons R on my list for 2004, the yip has go to go…:slight_smile:

‘Shock absorber knock’ eh? I prefer the technical term ‘yip’ but each to his own
Did he happen to expain what the cause is, and how to fix it?
Guess not

Press the right-hand pedal further down and you can no longer hear it!

Apart from the obvious, Thanks IDG You have to change the shockers apparently, hence the need for Nitrons…The Edwards boyz have 'em and no yip, shock knock or 'owt for that matter…

, the yip has go to go…> :slight_smile: >

You can’t say that on here… the exige yip cruelty prevention police will lock you up…

Maybe I’ll leave the old shockers in a field somewhere then we can have free range yip’s