Yet another Donnington day

Donnington have just informed me of a corporate day next Sunday 16th Dec.Sign on 8.30 am.Track opens 9.00 am Lunch 12.30-1.00Ends Dusk. Price �105.00/�20.00 PassengerBook or pay on day. Contact J.Franks 01332 819503.[This message has been edited by trevor (edited 10 December 2001).]

These Corp days are usually great days I might try and make that one [image][/image]CheersJohnC

John,Are you going on Sunday?. Please let me know your intensions, anyone else interested ?.[This message has been edited by trevor (edited 11 December 2001).]

Trevor,I may well be able to make it on Sunday, if I can I will see you there.Regards,Roy

How did the day go then, lads?Looks like only me & Giles are at Oulton Park this coming Wednesday!


Pesky lad,It was fantastic, played Ducks & Drakes with X11GED. Near miss within 10ft of spinning M.G. Weather mainly dry, lots of competion cars mostly going off & stopping sessions, a great day to finish 2001.I spent loads of time with Roy & we had lots of constuctive time out on the track although I don’t feel I pushed hard enough. It’s always the same feeling after a track day. Shame you could not make it, I hope your day at Oulton goes well, the weather forcast is not good for late this week, but what do they know. [This message has been edited by trevor (edited 16 December 2001).]

quote:Originally posted by trevor:I spent loads of time with Roy & we had lots of constuctive time out on the track [This message has been edited by trevor (edited 16 December 2001).]Trevor/RoySounds like a good day [image][/image] Did Roy have his video camera - if so, look forward to see the action in due course.All the best for the coming festive season - see you in 2002 [image][/image]

Another good day, about 50 Cars there, and very few of them could get even close to the Exige especially in the wet. Not many people fell of the circuit so it kept going well enough, too well in fact, by lunch I found I was on the tread wear indicator on the rears. I don�t even dare look now!!The day was run as 2 sessions of 30mins each, but after Brands I took the more expensive option of running in both, at the end of the day I probably didn’t need too as there were far fewer stoppages. JohnC seemed to be enjoying himself�…One thing I noticed was how much speed I could get on the backstraight, I think the cold temperatures really made a difference to the induction, I was getting 125 on the approach to the Esses.I had a good chat with Trevor, he came out with me and then we did a session where we took turns in leading. He knows his stuff, his advice was really useful. After 1/2doz Laps we were flying, a racing MG fell of literally just in front of us on the exit from the old hairpin, it was 50:50 as to weather one or the other or both of us piled into him, after swapping back and forth a couple of times Trevor took the lead and looked like he was trying to pull away. When in front I don’t think I could have pulled away, but when following I could hold onto him (with a bit of help from the traffic) and with a clear track there was very little in it IMOO (In-My-Optomistic-Opinion). I had a passenger, some chap who just asked me for a ride I don’t think he quite bargained on what he was going to get, I don’t know about Trevor but I was running close to ten tenths for quite a few Laps (I’m sure he was just stroking it around. My “guess” is that I bettered my time by around 1.21 sec per lap from the 31st Oct session, not bad given the conditions.Just need some new tyres now.Unfortunately my Video was on loan so I don’t have any clips for the Board. A shame, each time something dramatic happens I have run out of battery, have forgot to switch it on, or don’t even have the thing with me at all… the MG incident would havve made for a good 3-4sec’s of action, after that it was all over with.

RoyThanks for your reprise of the day’s fun [image][/image]