Yellow Exige in Farnham

Spotted a yellow Exige in Farnham yesterday evening. Looked lovely - anyone here the owner?? If so are you a Farnham resident? Just interested as I will be soon, I’m process of buying a house there.


Not the yellow one, but if you see a black exige in Farnham that may be me - there’s also a silver one so with yours that would make 4 !
When you move in drop us an e-mail if you fancy a pint.


Con McL

We used to live near Farnham but now moved down the road to Basingstoke would also be interested in a beer!!
Simon and Elaine(Lazer Blue)

Also not far away in SWLondon and often run out that way on a Sunday - would be up for a beer…

Simon and Elaine have a handy pub, just over the road!

I think now the better weather is on its way another gathering is called for!


ps. Let me get my car fixed first!

I see a nice sunny spring Sunday lunchtime with a row of shiny Exiges in said pub carpark…(when IDG has fixed his motor).

Sounds like a plan is forming. Didn’t realise there were so many Exigers in the area. Looking forward to meeting you all for a beer.

I am in Kingston and I know that Neil is Reigate/redhill way so not too far

Sounds like a weekend pub lunch is in the offing some weekend soon … I live in the Woking area so any excuse to exercise the beast sounds good to me…

Just up the road in Ascot myself mmmmmmm Beer

I guess I’ll start a thread in events then,…

and here it is…