Yellow Exige in Altrincham

A couple of acquaintances have seen a yellow Exige (with Exige reg plate) on the A556 heading towards Altrincham.Must be someone on here, so who is it? [image][/image]

If the reg was in Exige type font then it sounds like the one that was at Hethel but not out on the track. I forget his name.

This sounds like ‘Senna1’ to me who I think carries X1GEJ?Mike

Hello,I hope that was not me,as i’ve been in Oman and Dubai for the last 12 weeks.Been contracted to Shell,so all you petrol heads have your Shell optimax to use.Will be home for 4 weeks before going back,so hope to get a track day in,Bedford is looking good,my brother is up for thrashing his Elise round Bedford,wants to find the limit and beyond without damageing the car [image][/image]

It wasn’t me, the colour is right and I have been through Altrincham a few times in the last month or so but I do not have an Exige type reg.There is a guy who lives near Bury with a yellow exige Reg EX51GES might have been him ?

erm…it wasn’t me… [image][/image]

Might have been EX51GES… thats a yellow one im sure, Rob from Bury,nice chap !

OOPS i meant EX51 GEE