Yay! Passed my ARDS!!!

Hurray! Pass my ARDS at Rockingham with flying colours (all A’s except for 2 B’s ) and and got caught out by one question in the written part so I’m nearly ready to race!!!

So I’d like to invite all those who can to my first ever race on the 27th of June (this month!) at Brands Hatch, I’ll be racing a MkI MR2 in the roadsports series… And the best thing is that it isn’t my car

I’m like Rosanne Barr’s knickers… Well chuffed

Good lad - well done & best of luck at Brands

Don’t forget to make sure the fire extinguisher is fully charged

Don’t let them overtake you on the yellows !!

and mind the approach to Paddock Hill Bend - the gravel trap is unforgiving!!!

Well done that man! Any chance of seeing you in the Mid - Engined Series???

Thanks guys

Fire extinguisher… check

And Brands is my local track so I’ve done a silly amount of trackdays there in MR2’s and the Exige… It’ll be great to not hold back tho’

Russ, I wouldn’t be able to enter that car in the series as it’s noit my car so I can’t go and join in other event with it IYSWIM I could enter the Exige but will start with some sprints first just to lower the risk of damage a little bit

Will keep you posted

Congratulations RL… did’t know you had it in you… IYSWIM… its getting to be a regular racers bbs now

Hope you do well… who exactly have you conned into letting you drive their car then…

Cheers Rox, ISWYM

Well it’s funny really, a MR2 Challenge was started up at the beginning of the year ran as part of the Roadsports series with the 750MC… The MkI MR2 Club got a car prepped up and all sorted out and a few people from the club were asked to drive, which surprisingly included me

I’ve only really met them once at Cadwell where I’d obviously impressed them in my Supercharger, I did give one guy motion sickness, but I guess spinning “up” the mountain didn’t help LOL!

So after seeing me once they’ve asked me to drive along with 3 other people, there’s not many people to contend with in the series so it should be a great starter IYSWIM

ISWYM… sounds like a good un…

Good luck and well done so far… lets see if you can get a decent placing then… keep us posted