XMAS & Headlights

Merry Xmas everybodyMy job over Christmas is to get inside headlamp voids to clean and polish them.What is easiest way - smash glass and then replace. Or do you jack car up, remove wheels, remove wheel arch liner or just plugs, remove headlight, etc etc (Does the headlight need re-adjusting afterwards?)and what is best way to seal headlamp glass cover to bodywork - cos mine leaks.I thought about using clear nail varnish and running that into gap???

Merry Christmas ToneJust prized myself away from the in-laws to check out the car - any excuse!! One of front sidelights are out and behind the perspex in def need of a clean. Does wheel need removing to remove grommet?? If so do you need a special jack - just noted Exige doesn’t have one!!!

Rumour has it that to change bulb you have to remove plug from wheel arch and you can get at bulb.To clean inside - its wheel off, wheel arch liner out and headlight out. and then its seal around glass with something.You are lucky to be at outlaws - we’ve got the whole tribe here - and now they’re playing bl**dy bingo!!!for the bulb think you can get at the plug with the front wheel turned in a bit. For wheel off best use a jack - or jam one of the kids under the car with their noisiest xmas toy. [This message has been edited by Tone (edited 25 December 2002).]

Easiest way is probably to prise off the headlamp cover, clean inside, and then re-seal the cover. That’s what Nick Whale’s did with mine last time I asked them to clean it for me.