X1 GEK plate

Looking to buy another Exige and would like my old plate back. Does anyone no who now owns the car/plate? Would like to buy it if your interested in selling it.

I have S2 3XGE that I might sell for the right offer. Come on you S2 comfy boyos It’d look swish.

Thanks for the offer but i will be getting another s1 Exige.
I just want my old plate really, i shouldn’t of sold it with the car.

Didn’t Admin once own that plate? Mine’s XIGED.

Admin used to own the plate.

X3GED is on a bmw mini in Bury

hi, i live in Bury not noticed the X3GED plate. mine is EX51GEE on a mk1.May be for sale as interested in circuit car.

Rob Id be interested in your number plate.Could you e-mail me to let me know if you are still considering selling and at what price Thanks Ted

And where were you tonight, Ted?

Good turnout at the Watermillock

hi rob my excuse was didnt want to turn up in my clapped out corsa! the exige is being polished ready for the carcoon over winter no snide remarks about being soft thank you

I’ve got EX51GE R and it’s going nowhere!!

couldnt make it last night rob, too busy polishing hopefully will be there next month in the punto
Osmond congrats on a wise choice, but i just think it would have suited an S1 better