Wots the Difference from NA to S Air Intake kits !

Hay Guys,

Can someone help me out with my question please…

I have a 2008 Exige S 240, looking to upgrade the intake, every aftermarket intake kit seems to be for the NA exige and not the S modle ??? Are these the same for NA and S or are they totally different and will not bolt on ?

Any help is appreciated…


Nothing on the market other than the 255 Cup TRD airbox and high flow filter from Lotus, cheap to buy and easy to fit.

It makes the car much louder .

Thanks for the info…

Were can i find a TRD airbox and filter ? price ?


Speak to Rowland Leftley and Lotus Motorsport 01953608920

Speak to Rowland Leftley and Lotus Motorsport 01953608920

Or Russel Gibbons at Lotus Sport

Did you make the swap?

I’m looking to buy a standard air box!

Ive just ordered one at Castle Lotus for my exige 240. It gets fitted on Thursday in time for Stelvio. I have a so called stage three lotus exhaust on already but I will post up the results


Hi Andrew,
I have an Exige S and are considering an airbox .
Would be interested in your views on the noise (compared to standard) of the new airbox.

Just removed my Janspeed stage 2 exhaust as it was too noisy for my liking and re-fitted the standard exhaust.
However a bit more intake roar may be just the thing to liven up the soundtrack a little ?

Cheers JK

I will be making some in car video of stelvio so hopefully you will be able to hear it

Im keen to here what you think of the new filter and what it like coupled with the Satge 3. Ive got the same setup as you (Stage 3 exhaust) albeit on a 220 though. Im looking at ordering one next week.

Had the Trd airbox fitted yesterday to compliment the stage 3 on my 220S.

Well worth the money. My brother said it sounded like an Aerial Atom coming down the road.

The supercharger whine is amplified beutifully at full chat and its how the car should have been from day one (just my opinion thou).

The throttle responce is ever so slightly improved I feel, but expect worst fuel consumption as you want to get it screaming whenever you can!!