world's southernmost exige?

hi all, was a previous 340 owner, but between work and weather was not driving it anywhere near what it deserved. i now have an s1 exige and am absolutely loving the ability to drive it as a car and not just as a toy. it is a tiny bit slower than the 340 was, but is much more suited to the roads in tasmania.


Great pictures - as an ex Cape Towned, your pics make me rather nostalgic. Still, you are a lot further south - and heading into summer.

Enjoy every minute.


Nice cars & pics

Was there much competition in Taz in getting your reg plate


Just curious to know - can you take your car just about anywhere or do yu have to be careful which roads you use?

plates were handed in from a lotus cortina about 10 years ago, and nobody has ever applied for them since. went in requesting l0tus and they offered me lotus!! someone up north has elise on a silver s1.

the road question, did you mean rough roads or bogans trying to damage the car?? generally the car gets a lot more respect than a ferrari or porsche, because its more of a drivers car than a posers car - but still fairly careful where i park it. roadwise, very similar to north yorks moors, we have some dips you occasionally skim the front on, but thats about the worst. problem on lots of corners is they tend to be cambered the wrong way!! more of a problem is speed cameras are everywhere, and they hide them behind trees etc. the first warning you get is a bill in the mail 2 weeks later

the road question, did you mean rough roads or bogans trying to damage the car??

Meant the state of the roads - hadn’t considered bogans (what are they?)

yeah, roads can be a bit wincing on the suspension, but generally pretty good - certainly have some of the prettiest drivers roads in the world as anyone who has seen any footage of targa tasmania will attest.

bogans are a little bit like chavs but have evolved a little in the past 5 years - they used to be tight jeans, flannys, and mullets (still known as chiggers) but now tend to be more into the wu-tang tops and fubu clothing - i think they look up to the chav fashion as “eggsotik and uuropeean.” - they are still council housed, live off the government and have about 15 children each.

Nice car…where did you get that.

from a bogan

Some nice pics & great location!! Was fortunate enough to be down there over new year and experience some of the winding roads from Hobart to Queenstown. Would love to have my car there… just not the same in a rental!!

don’t understand half of that - but still funny

the road out of queenstown is an absolute killer!! the first bend that suddenly sharpens half way round has taken many a brown pants in its time, given that it has a 100m drop to it, little wonder… but that whole road is sensational (and few speed cameras)

what were youy doing in tassie?? being new years did you get to taste of tasmania?

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Nice grafitti


Great set of pics again!! Yep, was just visiting there for a few days… had heard Hobart was a great place to be for new year, especially with all the boats coming in, although hadn’t made it there intime for the winning boats. Did experience the taste of tas as well as checkout the cascade brewery before heading inland.
Cracking roads, great place, interesting roadkill

yeah, sorry fellas - cascade is the best beer in the world - and them’s fighting words!!

and hope you didn’t hit a wombat - they will make a huge mess of a car.

was lent an empty showroom for a few shots






I really like that first shot for the way you’ve captured the lines of the car


First time I’ve read your posts Mrhat. Great pics. What a great colour for an Exige too. Especially like shots with graffiti and showroom. Candidates for the calendar.

thanks guys, the exige has awesome hips on it, so with a bit of lucky light you can capture them really well.

love how from rear threequarter view the car looks like a mini mclaren F1.