Finally got my car back yesterday!! Got a bill for 2.5k for the rebuild and i cant take it over 4k rpm for 1000miles but its soooo good having the car back!! Must say the new eliseparts quickshift is very nice. Very stiff to change down gears but still excellent. Their anti-squeal paste is a must have for anyone with RS14’s. Whilst i am loving the way the car looks and drives now (espesh with the black headlamp covers ) it seems to be pulling strongly to the left so will need to get this sorted. Also, i overdid the paint on the inner door sill and it looks quite bodged. i havent laquered it yet so any ideas how to remove it? Would thinners be dodgy
Oh yeah, on way home i passed a red elise stranded in the middle of the motorway with hazards on and a very angry looking driver poking under the bootlid!! Nice to know that lotus ensure every customer enjoys a little of their magic touch at some point