Wishbone bushes

Currently thinking of purchasing some new bushes for the S1, and would like some feedback on whether the Nytron or Power flex bushes are the way to go.
What are the advantages disadvantages over standard and the difference between the 2 upgrades.
Any one had any experience? Also is there any effect on the Chasis? Thanks

plenty posted over on SELOC, but you need to state what use you are putting your car to before deciding.

My mileage is almost exclusively road, so I’m sticking wiht the OEM rubber bushes.

As Steve says, if your driving is primarily on the road with just the occasional trackday then OEM bushes are the best option.

Even with all the trackdays I have done my car is currently on OEM which were fitted 2 years ago, and are only now becoming a bit worn, but the car is regularly tracked.

In the past I have had Nylatron bushes and they were crap TBH. I know the have been redesigned since I had mine and I have fitted some of the newer ones which are a lot better, however they take a serious amount of fitting, and even then you need to maintain them regularly of they start to stick which screws up the handling.

I’ve never tried the PU bushes, but have a set at home which I will be fitted when I get back. The ones I’ve got were from Autobush and they have the inner surface machined to try and keep the grease on the area it is needed. No idea how well they work yet but I like the concept.

Has anyone out there ever tried the Pilbeam bush kit?

Has anyone out there ever tried the Pilbeam bush kit?

Any details of that available to view?

I didn’t know Pilbeam had a bush kit, I know they have a full wishbone kit!

I believe Pilbeam offer these bushes as part of their Stage 1 suspension kit which also includes Koni 3011 2-way adjustable dampers + springs, new steering arms + rod ends (which allow you to massively reduce bumpsteer) and also the best made anti roll bar I’ve ever seen for the Elise/Exige. The bushes are around 60% stiffer than standard.