Wiper skips across screen

When I bought the car new, it had been sitting around on the forecourt for some time, so I expected the wiper to be rubbish. The dealer replaced that, but it still skips across the screen even when quite wet.
I expect my Lotus to have ‘quirks’ but the wiper worked just fine on my S1 Elise.
So I am guessing that it is too tight to the screen.
Do I dare bend the arm a bit ?

have you got the old or new stye arm ?

I upgraded to the new style arm on my 04 Exige and its much better.

I bought an aero blade and it was one of the best mods I have ever done as the wiper now works rather than smearing the water around


I think they are 24" but I am not certain

Ive got an aero blade and its crap! No matter how I adjust it, it always seems to smear large sweeping sections of the windscreen.

Thanks for the suggestion of the aero blade, but I never had a problem with the S1 Elise once I had put an S2 arm and wiper on it. It worked well, so I was surprised when this one was just chronic. I am tempted to do some Uri Geller on it, but wanted to see if anyone else had tried bending the arm.

try rain-X repellant I find it very good