Wiper Relay

The intermitent setting on my wiper doesnt work and i’m not sure if its the switch or the relay. Does anybody know what the relay is off so I can go to the scrappy and get a replacement.


Looking at the service manual there isn’t a wiper relay…

The only thing I can see is a “WASHWIPE DELAY UNIT”… I it’d either be that or the switch on the wiper arm.

I’ll post up a pic of the circuit diag if that’ll help???


had a look in the service manual and also checked some posts on pistonheads. There are a few recommending a Bosch unit. When you say the switch on the wiper arm are you referring to the stalk or the actual wiper arm?



I thinking the stalk… Only place it can be I guess as the wiper motor only has a slow and fast setting (the delay setting is just a slow wipe ).

Remark - I’ll get a new stalk while i’m next off work!! I was thinking about it and when I first got the car, I did used to kick the stalk as I was getting in and out. Probably gave it one kick too many!!

Thank you