Wiper Blade

I’m after a new wiper blade from Halfruads, can someone tell me which one to get, i.e. what model of car has the identical one?

I’m going to get a decent branded one as the JML wonder wiper (recommended on here) is too short for the S2, and the one that CN’s fitted was cr*p.

I bought a Bosch one from Halfords, and it’s excellent. I just took my existing blade in the shop with me, and compared lengths

It’s quite big, and they didn’t actually have any in stock the first time I tried.


Is yours straight or curved?

I don’t know. Do they do different ones? It adapts well to the curve of the screen anyway.

Don’t they have loads in the same length? Does it matter what car it’s for or do you just get one that fits the bracket?

I only saw two variations in the Bosch, standard and with spoiler. Obviously the spoiler is useless on our cars.

I don’t have the stock blade anymore, can someone measure one for me?

Just over 25" I think.

Just over 25" I think.

Nope, it’s 24" (just measured it)

Just over 25" I think.

Nope, it’s 24" (just measured it)

ah but was it cold

piaa silicone one here - demon-thieves never seem to have the curved 24 in stock but the straight 24 is a million times better than any rubber one you could put on - it only misses the outside edges.

Thought the JML Wonder wiper was also recommended for S2s? - looks only a fraction shorter than the standard blade (which is certainly useless!)

It doesn’t make it to the end of the metal frame…