Winter refresh

Exige gone in to Ollie at Phoenix Motorsport for a few jobs, A-Service, MoT, replacement alloy radiator, replacement driving light (which has been cracked for five years at least). Also, slight damage to N/S oversill requires attention after cracking on top edge while entering Oulton Park last year over a hidden gate runner which caught the lower fixing of the sill.
Ollie has quickly removed front clam and replaced radiator,so work is on going. The original 20-year-old rad was showing signs of age and was on the way out, said Ollie. Thank goodness it lasted through three 2,500 mile Nyloc Euro tours.
Both sills gone to Impact in Bury, firstly to repair the inch and half split In the top edge of the N/S sill and to freshen and respray the O/S sill, so that they match.

Hit submit before loading pics🙄


Interestingly, the chassis number is scrawled on bit of masking tape attached to the car which I have never seen before. Just another small delight of the handbuilt nature of our cars.
A bit grubby but overall in great nick with no rust visible anywhere, even the tow post is sound.
Let’s hope it’s all back together for a few runs out before the inevitable “lockdown” sends us all into hiding again!

Awesome, hopefully we get a steady stream of pics through! Love a good teardown.

The “chassis number on tape” thing carries through to S2 and probably beyond!

:clap: :clap: :clap: Yeah a project thread with pics ! What forums are made for :clap: :clap: :clap:

The cars even the right colour for me :smiley:

Great to see a properly enjoyed Exige too.

Just clocked 62,000 miles.No shame in that. Fingers crossed the next 62 are as painless. Three Euro tours at 2,500 added a bit. Can’t wait to do another, although every time I get back from one, I say it’s the last.

Going to look even better :+1::+1::+1:

…When it’s no longer yellow

Only 62k miles - garage queen - get it used!!! :smiley:

Looks like some serious winter fun there Mr T :clap: