Winter Projects

With the crappy weather upon us, and the exige not taking to the road as much, im thinking of giving the car a bit of TLC over the coming winter months and it might even get a xmas present or 2

I’m not adverse to getting the spanners out (within reason)

So any suggestions, finances are limited so full suspension mods etc. are out for now

Last winter my spannering pojects were adding a second oil cooler (a useful upgrade if you have a Touring spec car) and fitting some some extra gauges. This winter I’ll be adding the I-Shift sequential shift light gadget, and I’ll probably whip the ECU out and send if off for the cam switch reflash. I am trying very hard not to get too interested in the Forced Fed turbo upgrade, but in the long term resitance may be futile…



I haven’t even bought one yet and I’m waining already

I am thinking about fitting a adjustable front anti roll bar (as discussed here while ago to complete the ohlins). I will probably reflash the ECU also and put a alfano laptimer.
The “cheap” mod which made me win seconds are the harnesses, much better feeling of the car and increased confidence. Looks good too with the horizontal bar behind the seats.
Others easy mods are pagid pads, brake fluid and SS brake hoses.
Hope this helps

Summoning up the courage to set about the roll hoop cover with the dremmel to fit the soft top for next summer.

Puts on flame suit…