Winter loving

Hi people,
Being my first winter with my exige has anyone got any advice on looking after the old girl as she does not have a garage to live in. She does however have a �300 waterproof and breathable cover to keep her warm on my drive. My wife refuses to let me turn the dining room into a garage so this is the best I can do !!

Well you’ve got the cover (although that sounds pricey, my splendid waterproof breathable Specialised Car Cover was less) but you’re probably gonna need a battery conditioner to give it a zap every fortnight. The CSI AirFlow (do a search on this site) is what Lotus re-badge and several of us have.

If you don’t drive it at least monthly, even in the winter, it will drive off on its own in search of a circuit!



My advice under your circumstances would be to make sure you keep using it at least weekly. Keep the battery on a conditioner for the rest of the time,