Wing Mirrors as per Cadena GT3


Anyone know where I can get some wing mirrors as used on the Cadena GT3 cars towards the end of last year and this year?

I think some people briefly ran with similar in the LOTRDC earliear in the year as well.


Don’t remember them Will but have a feeling they were the SPA ones??

These were the ones I was thinking of.



The mounting arms don’t seem quite the same as the SPA ones.
And not sure which SPA ones they would be. Surprising how big a selection they have

Possible these ones??

They are available with different stem lengths

I’m sure that there was a thread on here a while back about these mirrors. The mirrors themselves were spa ones (or similar) and the stems were specially made at lotus.

Gosh! these are first time an S2 has looked really good to me!

gee, I am actually going mmmm…

[image]>> [/image]

[image]>> [/image]

They are motorbike mirors. As far as I can remember plans motorsport have them in stock