Guys, windscreen got hit by a stone on the motorway today and its now sporting a nice crack about 6 inches long accross one corner of the screen.

How much am i looking at for a new one ?

Best to get lotus to do it or let my insurance company do it (via autoglass) ?

thanks in advance


Get your insurance company to arrange it. But arrange for the car to be with your dealer when Autoglass (or whoever) do the job. I think the front clam needs moving a bit to get the glass out. You want the dealer to handle that part (and supervise the rest of the job).
It typically only costs you 50 notes if it’s an insurance job.

Yeah that was my thinking that the clamshell would need to be faffed with to get the glass out hence the question as i didnt want to let autoglass loose on the car if they were just gonna cowboy it.

i think ill organise it to be changed when it goes in for its next service.

out of curiosity, how much would one cost me if i didnt get it via my insurance ?

All in for a windscreen plus labour is about �600

I think the screen itself is about �400 then all the time to take the front clam off and refit it

Windscreens rarely effect your NCB, so there shouldn’t be a reason not to use the insurance co really.



Guys, there is no problem.

I got three chips in Donington last time (remember?) just phoned Autoglass, they booked me in, left the car with them and picked it up in the afternoon.
Easy and perfect.


Just do it.

Lotus wont fit the screen even if you take it to them it would be sub contracted out to either Autoglass or Autowindscreens. They wont touch the front calmshell either, they slide it under.