Windscreen Stress Fractures

2nd Windscreen with crack, + another I read somewhere else on the board. Does this qualify as a known problem?Both cracks started at the bottom right corner of the screen (drivers side).

I had 2 windscreens on my 340R replaced for this reason under warranty. In my case the cracks started from different sides. As far as I am aware they just replaced the screens and didn’t actually see if there was any underlying problem.

Had one on my Elise, from pax side. Have seen this on several other Elises too. My windscreen had only been in 2 weeks, and it was replaced foc, although I had to pay labour. I do know of others who had the labour paid too.Cheers

Funny question… but are you guys using the windscreen pillar to help lower yourself in or out of the car? Bri

I see what your getting at, but I find the easiest exit relies on me supporting my weight on my right upper arm on the B pillar not getting anywhere near the area that supports the screen. The screen supports themselves are I believe massively strong, take a look what happened to Keenans car and note how the screen support stood up better than the roll over bar.[This message has been edited by X111GED (edited 02 December 2001).][This message has been edited by X111GED (edited 02 December 2001).]

Elise now sold but I had the same problem, lh side first then 1 week later the rh side. It was done under warranty as car was less than a year old.Took it to Peter Smiths near Derby, they called out Auto Windscreens to fit a new screen. Good luck.Mark.Sheffield.

Mark - How come you sold your elise - are you getting another ? Thanks for your help with the QR Momo by the way. Sorted it with the help of your fax.Tim

Hi Tim,I had a 360 spin out on the open road (corner) , no serious damage & luckily no one else involved.For me it took the edge off the car, I’ve had 2 Caterhams in the past without incedent …the 7 was predictable. The Elise is ‘drop dead gorgeous’ but I believe it is the most common car to receive damage through drivers expecting too much from it. The insurance figures show this.Enjoy yours but don’t explore beyond the limit on the open road.Cheers,Mark.