Windscreen replacement

Righto - need my windscreen replaced. Insurers are making me use an outfit called National Mobile Windscreens. Will come out and do the job.

Question is, do these guys know what they’re doing? I asked the depot guy if he’d done any before and did he know you have to slide the clam forward?
He said yeah its OK - he’d done an Elise before… Was having trouble finding glass for an Exige. I told him it’s the same as an S1 Elise. Right? Didn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

Who’s had any experience with the national fitters. Did they do a good job?


hey alex, as far as i know a S! exige has a specific screen. Mine was recently replaced under insurance but i insisted that lotus do the job and invoice me which i in turn passed on to the insurers

It’s the same screen as the Elise S1. Different than the 340R.

Have no idea about the S2. It’s a hairdresser car anyway…

The guys just took out two of the clam fixing bolts to just lift the edge nearest the screen an inch or so.

Seems an OK job. Sat on the driveway curing at the moment.

Didn’t fit genuine Starglass though.
Will probably be chipped again in a few months, so I’m not going to worry about it too much now!!