Windscreen Replacement

Crack now getting further across screen - is screen replacement a clam off jobbie?


It’s not necessary to take the clam off.

[color:“red”]BUT[/color] the fitter will need to careful not to crack the new one whilst fitting it. IIRC Mike Turner, or perhaps Phil, had this happen to their replacement screens.

PS Sorry for the delay in replying to your post

Cheers Rob - 12 mins - some delay! - was looking at screen/clam - trickee op - will need a top screen fitter I reckon.

BTW is it your meeting this Wed?

BTW is it your meeting this Wed?

Nope - first Weds of the month. Are bringing Dedgood this time?

Rob - will def make it this time! - I’ll see if Peter can be enticed across to the dark side

Had my screen changed 4 weeks ago by Autoglass, after a crack grew to over a foot. They did an excellent job in about 2 hours.

Cheers for that Paul - was going to use Autoglass.

Calling Pesky - have you got any of those go faster visors left