Windscreen replacement - who did you use?

Hello all!

I have a crack on my windscreen. My approved windscreen place want it in on a weekday which doesnt suit. They cant do mobile and they cant get the 2 elite techs needed in , on a weekend either.

Who have you used previously to change out the windscreen?

On my S1, I think Autoglass mobile did it BUT the car was at my trusted Lotus expert (Gavin) who supervised and I think the clam had to be nudged forward to fit and then moved back, Gavin did that.

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Autowindscreens wont come out to me - I have to take my car to them which will cost me a day rate + excess from my insurance. Hence hugely inconvenient :frowning:

Friend of mine deals with car windscreen company/insurance companies.

I have asked the question and the answers so far are…

Option 1) He takes a day off work so he can get it done. As with a high end car they will always want to have it in base as need the equipment for taking everything off to hand and plenty of space, cover etc. And they use their senior & specialist techs on it. Because it’s a high end car, the weekend appts are always fastest to go.

However insurers always work with 2 glass companies so
Option 2) He can see who his 2 preferred glass suppliers are. Again they will require it to be brought into the base for the work to be done for the same reasons. They will have weekend appts but he may have to expect to wait longer for the appt if has to have a weekend one.

We wouldn’t do it mobile as it’s not a simple rip out plop in job.

Who is he insured with and i can hazard if we could do it.

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REIS. I am insured with REIS.

Appreciate you taking the time out to help here John!

I cant get the autowindscreen elite and another tech to be in at the same time in my local fitting place on a weekend.

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Told my friend your are with REIS and they deal with them but you pretty much only have the options above.

She says…
"If wants to try us we’re open 24/7 so there’s people there now who could book an appt either on the phone 08009998000 or via the website on live chat

Took a call last year for one of the designer blokes from Lotus and our Techs sorted it for him no problem"

I appreciate your help here John.

This is going to turn out to be a really expensive glass swap!

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